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Inclement Weather Information

Thank you for your partnership as we continue to advance the academic success and well-being of our students. Communication throughout our community is essential to ensuring the ongoing safety of our community. Toward this end, we would like to share important inclement weather information so that your family can be prepared in the event severe weather results in the closure or delay of our schools.
When forecasts are definitive, the district will close or delay school with as much advance notice as possible. When forecasts are less definitive, we will monitor conditions closely and consult with county and state officials prior to making a decision to close or delay schools. In these instances, we will make every effort to communicate with you no later than 5:30 a.m. on the school day in question.
When schools are closed due to inclement weather, transportation and other activities,  both in- and out-of-district, are also canceled.
Delayed Start Schedules
In the event of a delayed start due to inclement weather, we will start school 2.5 hours later than regularly scheduled start times. Bus schedules will also start 2.5 hours later. 
School days delayed due to inclement weather also require the following service adjustments:


  • Morning: Will be canceled
  • Afternoon: Will follow normal schedules
  • Wraparound will open when the school opens

Spark! Discovery Preschool:

  • Morning: Will be canceled
  • Afternoon: Will follow normal schedules
  • Wraparound will begin at 11:00 a.m.

Kindergarten Programs:

  • Full-day: Will begin 2.5 hours later than their regularly scheduled start time
  • Half-day (Morning): Will be canceled
  • Half-day (afternoon): Will follow normal schedules

Community School & Enrichment Programs:

  • Before School: Will be canceled
  • After School: Will follow normal schedules


  • Breakfast: Will not be provided
  • Lunch: Will be provided


  • Out-of-district: Will be canceled along with all field trips that were scheduled to depart before 12:00 p.m., with the exception of transportation for special needs students. Transportation for special needs students attending out-of-district schools will begin 2.5 hours later than their regularly scheduled start time.
  • In-district: Will operate routes 2.5 hours later than their regularly scheduled start time
  • Career Development Center Shuttle: Routes will begin for p.m. blocks only

Athletics & Extracurricular activities:

  • After School: Will follow normal schedules
Delayed starts due to inclement weather and school closure notifications are made via the following communication systems: the Messenger notification system (formerly called ShoutPoint), the district website, social media, local and state media including newspapers and television, and updates posted to the St. Vrain Valley Schools Newsline 303-682-7387. For more information on school closures visit: or to update your notification settings in Infinite Campus, visit
When the district remains open, but you believe that weather conditions in your specific area are not safe for your student to attend school, please feel free to contact your school’s attendance clerk to obtain an excused absence for your student. If severe weather conditions cause you to keep your student at home, they will be able to make up any missed schoolwork without penalty.
If you have additional questions or concerns regarding weather-related closures or delayed starts due to inclement weather, please feel free to contact the Department of Communications. 

Department of Communications

Messenger Notification System


The Infinite Campus (IC) Messenger application allows St Vrain Valley Schools to communicate with parents/guardians via phone, email, text messaging or portal inbox as designated in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

NOTE: It is important to routinely verify and adjust these settings to ensure you are receiving all important school and district communications through the desired media.

Visit the Messenger Notification Page


Media Outlets

St. Vrain Valley Schools Newsline
Recorded updates: school closings and other urgent news
Television Stations
Channel 2KWGN Television Broadcast
Channel 4KCNC Television Broadcast
Channel 7KMGH Television Broadcast
Channel 8Longmont Cable Trust Channel
Channel 9KUSA Television Broadcast
Channel 16Comcast Cable Educational Channel
Channel 31KDVR

If for any reason the school calendar is altered as a result of school closures, the Board of Education may schedule make-up days on Saturdays, during vacations, or at the end of the school calendar year.