Classified/PT Staff

Classified/PT Staff

Professional Development Opportunities for Classified and Professional/Technical Staff

The following opportunities are available for district classified staff.

  • District PD classes
  • Funding for In-Service Trainings
  • Mentor support for some classified assignments, including building secretaries, attendance clerks, media techs and community school staff.
  • The Welcome Back, a yearly event kicking off the school year with breakfast, a vendor fair, prizes and a motivational speaker.

Please contact Amy Magyar if you have questions about PD opportunities for classified staff.

Mentoring Program for Classified Staff 

The purpose of the Classified Staff Mentoring Program is to facilitate the welcome and  transition to the St. Vrain Valley Schools community for new employees and to assist each employee in his or her professional growth.  The goals of the program include:

  • Contributing to new or transitioning employees’ morale and sense of support and assistance in learning their new roles and responsibilities through open, timely and personal communication with a classified staff mentor.
  • Encouraging rapid development of confidence and competence of new employees.
  • Promoting increased job satisfaction through increased knowledge and skill.
  • Supporting employees as valued professional members of the organization.

Mentors are intended to serve as a “welcome” for new classified employees, to provide helpful information about the school district, their department or building and about the general practices and procedures common to most positions in the District.

It is anticipated that the relationship will require more frequent meetings from its beginning through the six month period and then may taper off to become a professional relationship with meetings, phone calls and requests for assistance on an as-needed basis.

Qualifications for mentors include competence and knowledge in the area of expertise and at least 2 school years in the current position.

Mentors will be expected to meet with their inductees for 10 hours through the school year.  It is recommended that initial meetings be scheduled for 2-3 times per month or more if needed. The mentor will assist in explaining building, department and/or district processes and procedures, provide guidance about professional expectations for behavior and performance and anticipate and provide timely information about annual events, deadlines and requirements throughout the mentor/mentee relationship.

Classified Mentor/Mentee Agreement

Classified Mentor Log

Classified Mentor Reflection Questions

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