Social Emotional Wellness

Social Emotional Wellness

Social and Emotional Wellness in St. Vrain Valley Schools

Vision:  The St. Vrain Valley School District will cultivate a school experience that will inspire every student to effectively face the challenges of heart and mind so that they may become joyful, lifelong learners in a diverse world.
Whole Child, Every Child
Physical, social, and emotional health, and safety
Equity, diversity, and inclusion
High expectations for all students, employees, parents/guardians, and community members 
Creativity, collaboration, and innovation
Life‐long, joyful learning

Social and Emotional Wellness includes mental, emotional, and social health skills to recognize and manage emotions, develop care and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, handle challenging situations constructively, resolve conflicts respectfully, manage stress, and make ethical and safe choices; examines internal and external influences on mental and social health, and identifies common mental and emotional health problems and their effect on physical health (Colorado Department of Education).

Within the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) comprehensive health standards are the social and emotional wellness standards.

Links below detail standards by grade level

*link to CDE and Comprehensive Health Standards

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