The St. Vrain Advantage

students work on building their vex robot

The St. Vrain Advantage

students work on building their vex robot

By the Numbers: The St. Vrain Advantage

We are providing current and future generations a strong competitive advantage so that all students can achieve success in a globalized world.

On-Time Graduation Rate: 93.3%

St. Vrain has among the most rigorous graduation requirements in the state, giving students a strong advantage for postsecondary and career opportunities. St. Vrain’s four-year traditional-school graduation rate is the highest in the Denver Metro area at 93.3%. Further, the district’s Hispanic graduate rate continues to increase at a faster rate than the district total, going from 55.9% in 2010 to 88.3% in 2023 – also the highest in the Denver Metro region.

Drop Out Rate: 0.6%

Our dropout rate, at 0.6% for all students and 1% for Hispanic students, is the lowest of any district in the Denver Metro area. 

Advanced Placement: 92%

In 2022, the district administered 4,105 AP exams. St. Vrain decreases the gap between all students and Hispanic students taking advanced coursework by 15% over 7 years, and St. Vrain Valley Schools was one of four Colorado school districts and one of 373 nationwide to make the College Board’s Annual AP District Honor Roll for increasing access to AP courses for all students.

31,250 credits

Last year, St. Vrain students had the opportunity to earn over 31,250 college credits through Advanced Placement courses, International Baccalaureate courses, and concurrent enrollment college classes.

$12 Million in Savings

Through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and concurrent enrollment courses, last year students had the opportunity to save families approximately $12 million or more in future tuition expenses.

473 Students

Last year, 473 students participated in a work-based learning apprenticeship or internship program.

693 Certifications

Last year, 693 certifications were awarded to students enrolled in one of 17 programs offering industry-recognized certifications. These include EMT/paramedic, manufacturing trades, automotive technology, welding, aeronautics, engineering, information technology, and more.

123 Associate Degrees

Through the district’s Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) programs, 123 students have been awarded their Associate degree, alongside their high school diploma, at no cost to the student.

702 Students

Over 700 students have been enrolled in one of St. Vrain’s four P-TECH programs that include significant mentorship and internship opportunities, alongside rigorous college coursework. St. Vrain has P-TECH programs focused on information technology, biochemistry, cybersecurity, and business.

$64 Million

St. Vrain has earned approximately $64 million in highly-competitive grants, which are invested back into schools and programs that advance student learning and success. This includes St. Vrain has the only district in Colorado to be awarded a $7 million Opportunity Now grant to increase workforce development and work-based learning opportunities.

120+ Industry Partnerships

St. Vrain Valley Schools is highly connected to the local, state, and national business community, with over 120 industry and corporate partners. These important relationships provide expertise, mentorship, and resources to ensure that St. Vrain is a leading district in providing opportunities that students will need to be successful beyond graduation. Key partners include Apple, Google, UCHealth, Boeing, Cisco, Toyota, Seagate, Agilent, Amazon, and so much more.

21 Bills

Over the past several years, St. Vrain has passed approximately 21 bills in the Colorado Legislature, continuing to strengthen public education in Colorado.

Co-Curricular Participation: 78%

78% of all students engaged in activities beyond the traditional school day, an increase of 23% since 2016, the majority of which is reflective of increased participation of our students of color.

Competitive Grants: $65,000,000

St. Vrain has been awarded approximately $65 million in competitive grants for advancing innovation and student learning.

Industry Partners: 120+

St. Vrain has over 120 business and corporate partners who support student advancement opportunities.

State Standardized Assessments

St. Vrain outperformed the state average on all 12 state standardized assessments in 2023. In 2023, St. Vrain posted its highest third grade reading scores in the history of administering the CMAS assessment. Over the past several years, St. Vrain has increased participation in Algebra 1 in 8th grade by 6% for all students and 7% for Hispanic students. Additionally, St. Vrain Valley outscores state and national scores on the SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 9.

Financial Reserves: $180,000,000+

St. Vrain’s financial reserves have been built to over $180 million. The St. Vrain finance team has been recognized with numerous state and national awards for 20 consecutive years.

Bond Rating: AA+

Standard and Poor’s has awarded St. Vrain one of the highest bond ratings in Colorado at AA+.

240 Robotics Teams

St. Vrain is home to over 240 competitive robotics teams, as well as numerous state, national, and world champions. 

Approximately 200 Athletic Championships

Since 2019, St. Vrain athletes have brought home approximately 200 state titles, individual and team – the highest number of championships by percentage of students in Colorado.

147 Varsity Teams

St. Vrain offers 147 total varsity sports teams across all high schools.

1,792 Athletic Events

St. Vrain high school students are sanctioned to compete in 1,792 athletic events each year.

All Middle Schools

All middle schools in St. Vrain offer competitive athletic opportunities, engaging students in their school communities and preparing them for high school athletics.

10,000 Pieces of Art

All schools in St. Vrain offer high quality visual arts courses, with over 10,000 pieces of art displayed each spring at the Districtwide Art Show.

162 All-State Musicians

In the 2023-2024 school year, 81 high school and 81 middle school students were selected for a highly prestigious and competitive All-State music group. St. Vrain students represented 37% of the students performing in the high school All-State Choir and 15% of the students performing in the middle school All-State Choir, making St. Vrain the highest all-state choir performing district in Colorado. 

70 Focus Programs

St. Vrain Valley Schools has over 70 instructional focus programs and open enrollment policies that let students and families select the school that will best meet their needs and interests.

7th Largest

St. Vrain Valley Schools is the 7th largest school district in Colorado.

411 Square Miles

St. Vrain serves 13 communities across 411 square miles. 

33,000 Students

St. Vrain Valley Schools serves approximately 33,000 students.

5,500 Employees

St. Vrain Valley Schools is the largest employer in our 411 square foot area, with approximately 5,500 employees.

23,000 Years

St. Vrain’s 2,000 teachers have approximately 23,000 years of teaching experience and over 60% have graduate degrees.

Highest Starting Teacher Salary

St. Vrain has among the highest base pay for teachers and support staff across the Denver Metro region and continues to invest in raising pay and professional development for teachers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, custodians, nutrition service workers, health clerks, secretaries, and more.

2 Million Miles

St. Vrain has a robust transportation department, driving close to 2 million miles each year to transport students to school, field trips, athletic events, and more. This equates to circling the globe approximately 80 times each year.

2.6 Million Meals

Last year, St. Vrain’s nutrition services department served over 2.6 million meals to students, and is on track to double that number for the 23-24 school year.

State and National Awards

  • St. Vrain was recognized as one of four school districts in Colorado — and 373 in North America — to make the College Board’s Annual AP District Honor Roll, along with 8 high schools recognized as AP Honor Roll schools in 2023.
  • NAMM Best Communities for Music Education Districts in 2023, 2022, and 2021
  • Colorado Succeeds Prize, 2019 Excellence Award for Technology Enabled Learning
  • The Learning Counsel, awarded a Top 10 Digital District in 2019
  • 2019 Colorado Technology Association’s Project of the Year
  • International Society of Technology in Education, 2019 District of Distinction Award
  • Boulder Chamber of Commerce, 2019 Most Innovative Business in Boulder County
  • Longmont Economic Development Partnership, 2019 Chair’s Choice Economic Development Impact Award
  • Consortium of School Networks, 2018 Leading Education Innovation 
  • Award
  • Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce, 2015 Large Business of the Year
  • Longmont Chamber of Commerce, 2012 Large Business of the Year
  • $3.6 million i3 Invest in Innovation Grant winner, with the top score in the nation
  • $16.8 million Federal Race to the Top Grant awarded, one of only 16 nationwide
  • Home to world championship teams in FIRST Robotics (both large and small divisions), the World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth, the 2022 World Affairs Challenge winners, and numerous additional state, national, and international championships in athletics, visual arts, speech and debate, welding, culinary arts, music, and so much more.
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