New Employee Information


New Employee Information


New Employee Information


I am new to the district, when would my health insurance begin?

Your benefits will begin on the first of the month following 31 days after your start date. For example, if you begin working October 15, your benefits will begin December 1.

Where do I sign up for my benefits?

A benefits packet will be mailed to your home. You will need to go into the Infinite Visions Portal to sign up for your benefits at

How do I know if I qualify for benefits?

You are eligible for the District provided Basic Life Insurance if you have a regular position and are scheduled to work 10 or more hours per week.

You are eligible for all District benefits if you have a regular position and are scheduled to work 17.5 hours or more per week,

Supplemental Positions are not eligible, for example substitutes, student worker, extra duty temporary and seasonal positions.


How often do I get paid?

Employees get paid once a month on the last working day of the month.

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Employees who are hired and begin working after the 15th of the month will be paid the following month.

Certified Teachers

Who is considered a Late Hire for Certified Teachers?

Teachers who start their teaching position after the first contracted day are considered a Late Hire.  Late hires are automatically non-renewed at the end of the school year.


If I did fingerprints for another organization do I have to do them again?

Yes, SVVSD needs to have their own fingerprints on file.

Do I get reimbursed for fingerprints?

Employees do not get reimbursed for fingerprints.

Stay up to date

How do I stay up to date on information regarding benefits, evaluations, lateral moves, and other important information?

The district’s primary means of communication is through email.  Make sure to check your email to stay up to date with information. 

SVVSD Human Resources sends monthly newsletters to all employees through email.  These newsletters are full of important information.

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