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We are the future of America.

We are providing current and future generations a strong competitive advantage so that all students can achieve success in a globalized world.

Advancing Academic Excellence


credits required for graduation – among the most rigorous requirements in the state.


industry certifications earned by students in the 2018-2019 school year.


million dollars received in competitive grant awards since January 2018.


district-level partnerships and 435+ direct to school partnerships.


St. Vrain provides a rigorous academic foundation designed to prepare students for career and postsecondary readiness. Additionally, we offer a robust portfolio of focus schools, giving families choice in selecting a program that best fits the needs and interests of their student. With over 70 programs to choose from, ranging from aerospace to visual and performing arts, students graduate prepared for success in the complex, globalized world.

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Safety & Well-Being

Students safety and well-being is paramount in St. Vrain, with over $45 million invested in safety and security upgrades over the past ten years. Additionally, St. Vrain prioritizes student well-being and mental health support, with a robust social emotional (SEL) curriculum at all schools, counseling staff at the elementary schools, and investments in additional counseling support at the middle and high school levels.

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Get Involved

St. Vrain has many opportunities for parents and caregivers to be involved in their student’s education. In addition to volunteer opportunities within the schools, St. Vrain Valley Schools runs a nationally recognized parent engagement committee called Leadership St. Vrain. The program is especially beneficial for those who want to obtain a foundation in district operations and governance and become more active participants in the district.

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Community Schools

St. Vrain supports working families by providing high-quality before- and after-school childcare programming. Available in all elementary school communities, the Community Schools program is committed to student academic growth and safety while providing a fun and engaging environment. Additionally, Community Schools offers extended day learning opportunities through various enrichment classes.

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Choosing a school for your student is an important personal step in charting their future path. St. Vrain Valley Schools promotes open enrollment so that families can select the program that best meets their students interests and needs. The open enrollment window begins in December with preschool and kindergarten enrollment beginning in January.

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Get Social

St. Vrain promotes communication and safe interaction on social media to promote parent, student, and community engagement with our schools and programs. To this end, we maintain a complete director of official school and district social media accounts

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Educator Highlight
Alma Doton
Family Liaison, Columbine Elementary School
“When I wake up every morning I think, how can I help our families, how can I connect them?”
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Featured Stories

June 24, 2021

St. Vrain Valley Schools’ Curriculum Does Not Include Critical Race Theory

St. Vrain Valley Schools has received many questions regarding the national conversation around Critical Race Theory. The St. Vrain Valley School District adheres to Colorado State Academic Standards. These Standards do not include the topics of Critical Race Theory, and the district curriculum does not include Critical Race Theory. Additionally, our…
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global view from space

May 26, 2021

We are Moving Forward

While this year presented many challenges due to the global pandemic, our community continued to move forward. Through our collective resilience, innovation, compassion, and ingenuity, together we have strengthened our public education system, and will continue to advance excellence for each and every student as we plan to return to…
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LHS graduates

May 25, 2021

Our Graduates are Advancing the Future of America

It has been another extraordinary year in St. Vrain Valley Schools. One filled with many challenges due to the global coronavirus pandemic, but more importantly, it has been a year full of great resilience, outstanding student engagement, robust creativity, and compassionate community support.
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May 20, 2021

St. Vrain reaffirms our unwavering commitment to the human rights, respect, and safety of each and every person

Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that a disturbing and disgusting social media post depicting the re-enactment of the murder of George Floyd was made by a group of students from Mead High School. We in the St. Vrain Valley Schools strongly condemn, and have no tolerance for, racism in any form and will be addressing this extremely serious matter immediately and accordingly. Our district reaffirms its commitment to diversity and equality in our schools and in our operations.
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Unframed Student ArtShow Graphic

April 13, 2021

St. Vrain’s Unframed Student Art Show is Live

St. Vrain Valley Schools has adapted the annual student art show to a virtual format for the 2021 showcase, allowing parents, school staff, and community members to celebrate our students’ art alongside them.  “We are so excited to showcase the work of our amazing student artists,” said St. Vrain’s fine…
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Community Schools stdt

January 20, 2021

Community Schools: Supporting our Families

Whether students have been engaged through online, hybrid, or in-person learning, St. Vrain’s Community Schools program continues their commitment to support students and their families during these challenging times. Because of this deep seeded commitment, programs have remained open throughout this school year. On August 18, 2020, Community Schools reopened…
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P-TEACH apprentice and her mentor teacher

January 06, 2021

We are #greatFULL

Gratitude is scientifically proven to make you happier. The benefits of gratitude are amplified when you express your thankfulness to another person – not only do you feel good, but you spread joy to the person you thank. In St. Vrain Valley Schools, despite the challenges we have faced this…
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Male student using VR goggles

December 11, 2020

St. Vrain Valley Schools Celebrates Computer Science Education Week

St. Vrain Valley Schools has been a supporter of CSED Week since its launch in 2009. The annual week-long campaign is a call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity in computer science education, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field.
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high school student working in a classroom

September 17, 2020

Grant dedicates nearly $1 million to increase postsecondary workforce readiness

St. Vrain Valley Schools has been awarded a $930,889, four-year grant through the Colorado Department of Education’s School Counselor Corps Grant Program (SCCGP). The grant supports successful transitions for St. Vrain students — from elementary to middle school, middle to high school, and high school to postsecondary education and the workforce — with a focus on attendance and graduation.
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P-TEACH apprentice working with her mentor teacher

September 09, 2020

P-TEACH Grads Return to Classroom as Apprentice Teachers

Just three months after finishing high school, some recent graduates are back in St. Vrain classrooms. Eight members of the inaugural class of the Pathways to Teaching (P-TEACH) program are working as apprentice teachers at Mountain View Elementary and Timberline PK-8. Apprentices are paraprofessional educators, who, under the direction of a classroom teacher, work to support student learning through a wide range of planning, instruction, and clerical duties.
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graduate with an American Flag overlay

January 15, 2020

The next greatest generation

Schools today must be ready to meet the pace of industry to prepare students for jobs that do not even exist. We no longer ask students what they want to be when they grow up, but what problem they want to solve in the world.
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P-TECH student at her IBM internship

December 17, 2019

Future-Ready Graduates

What do you want to be when you grow up? For students in St. Vrain, they do not have to wait very long to start exploring career opportunities. As St. Vrain continues to blend the lines between high school and postsecondary life, students are able to explore career opportunities, earn credits and industry certifications, and receive college degrees – all while in high school.
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Student in an AP science class

November 11, 2019

AP for all

Advanced Placement® (AP) classes provide outstanding opportunities for students to engage in rigorous, college-level coursework preparing them for postsecondary education, while simultaneously earning college credit when they score a 3 or higher on an AP exam. AP coursework enables students to save on tuition and graduate college in less than four years.
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studnets work with mentor teacher

October 20, 2019

An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Visualize an entrepreneur and what do you see? An individual in business attire? Someone speaking next to a slideshow presentation featuring line graphs and pie charts? What about a 20-year-old female who started a handcrafted electric guitar company right out of high school? Or a male high school senior who is in the thick of creating a prototype for a shoe designed to replenish electrolytes back into the body?
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Grand View Elementary preschooler and Joan Scheuerman learning together

October 15, 2019

Launching into the future

Project Launch is just one of many strategies across St. Vrain to raise student literacy achievement and provide a stronger academic foundation in the early grades. Results from the program indicate that the intervention had a significant, positive impact on student reading skills, reflecting the power of bringing together best practices and research-based approaches to improving student learning and achievement.
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District News

June 07, 2021

ClassLink Replacing Ceran

Starting this summer, St. Vrain Valley Schools will have a new site, ClassLink, to access district resources for students and staff. ClassLink will replace Ceran and will also provide single sign-on to many resources and a user customizable interface. Learn more about ClassLink here. Please note, not all district apps will be available in ClassLink until this…
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Join the #StVrainStorm

Across St. Vrain Valley Schools, we are taking public education by #StVrainStorm – our shared passion and commitment to advancing academic excellence and student success.