Live Webinars for eCM

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Live Webinars for eCM


Everyone is welcome!

Getting to Know eCM: Student Profiles and Data Views

This 30-minute, synchronous webinar is short, focused, and designed to just get those eCM muscles warmed up. We will log in, look around the home screen, explore a student profile, and look through data views.

Mostly, we want to be with you as you explore so we can identify needs, troubleshoot, and answer questions during your first impression with this powerful tool!

Everyone is welcome. We will keep adding sessions as they keep filling – we could do this all year! So sign up today!

Creating APAS plans

MTSS, ALP, READ and EL plans!

Register, identify a student you need to make a plan for, grab a cup of coffee or whatever you grab when you’re making plans, and join us to make a few plans! This one is an hour, but you’ll get work done – and we promise making plans in a group is more fun than doing it alone!

Interventions and Progress Monitoring

This feature is amazing. We’ll explore how to create interventions groups and add and chart progress monitors for your students as well as create fidelity reports and ROI.

We’ll spend one hour within this amazing area.

Meet Much?

Tired of looking around for student data during a meeting? Do different people have different views and not all see the same thing?

It happens to us all – well, it happened to us all – but no more! Join this 30-minute look at setting up more efficient, streamlined data sharing and communication so you can spend your time where it’s needed most – problem solving and elevating!

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