Policies, Fees and Registration

Community Schools students

Policies, Fees and Registration

Registration Now Open for Care

Below are our policies and registration documents that can assist you with the registration process. Questions can be directed to the Site Program Manager and to the Community Schools office.

All registrations have a processing time prior to attendance to ensure students are set up to be successful in our programs. This processing time is no less than 48 hours but can be longer depending on the needs of the student. Site Program Managers will communicate directly with parents regarding student start dates and schedules.

Quick Information to Assist with the Registration Process

For School Year care, register online at stvrain.revtrak.net. Scroll through to your child’s elementary school and continue to CS: Childcare for that school.

childcare enrollment
Scroll to your child’s elementary school to enroll in childcare.

Registration Guide Instructions

How to Register in the Web Store (video)
How to Update a Payment Method in the Web Store (pdf & video)
How to Make a Payment in Parent Portal (pdf & video)

Fee Schedule and Parent Handbook

Illness Policies

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