St. Vrain Valley School District’s Induction Program

Goals of the Induction Program

Induction programs for educators and administrators in St. Vrain Valley School District are designed to:

  • Accelerate the professional growth and job performance of District employees;
  • Promote increased job satisfaction resulting from increased knowledge and skill;
  • Support and retain new employees in the District; and
  • Ensure achievement of the District vision of an exemplary school district which inspires and promotes:
    •  High standards of learning and student achievement;
    •  Organizational, employee, and student well-being;
    •  Partnerships with parents, guardians and the community.

Guiding Principles of the Induction Program

St. Vrain staff will participate in ongoing professional development that aligns with building, district and position goals in order to further their professional growth and increase student achievement.

  • Educators will work collaboratively to increase their knowledge and skills and professional attitudes about teaching and learning.
  • Educators will develop and model reflective professional behaviors for continuous improvement.

Additional information about induction can be found here.

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