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Waste Diversion

Waste Diversion

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Guidelines to review and post (English & bilingual):

School Landfill Guide (bilingual)

School Recycling Guide (bilingual)

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School Recycling Guide

School Landfill Guide

School Compost Guide

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Read tips from the U.S. EPA and find neat resources here.


Recycling is so easy through our SINGLE STREAM” recycling program which allows for the following items to be mixed together in the same recycle containers:

1.  Paper:  Accounting ledgers, blueprint paper, booklets/pamphlets, business and index cards, calendars, catalogs (stapled & glued catalogs up to ½”), computer printouts, envelopes (white or pastel colored, windows), file folders, magazines, NCR (carbonless paper), newspaper, newspaper inserts, office paper (white or light colored), paper ream wrappers (white only), phone books, Post-Its, posters, scratch paper, slick/glossy paper.  Note: Stamps/mailing labels and staples are OK

2.  Paperboard:  Light cardboard-like boxes, i.e. cracker boxes, tissue boxes, etc.

3.  Cardboard:  Please flatten, take larger ones to the white collection bin located outside the school.

4.  Commingle Containers: Cans and bottles: glass, plastic bottles and tubs (#1 thru 7)

Please use your recycle box or other recycle containers located inside the building to collect recyclable materials.  Staff or students may also empty all recyclables into the collection bin marked recycling located outside the building.

The following items MAY NOT be recycled through our Single Stream program:  Any bright (neon) or deep, dark colored office paper/butcher paper/construction paper, hanging file folders, overhead transparencies, paper towels, photographs, plastics (including laminates), sticker, tissues, Tyvek envelopes (FedEx-type), unopened mail (please open first, then recycle).

The following items may also be RECYCLED accordingly:

1.  Batteries:  You may place all types of spent batteries in an envelope and send to Risk Management, ESC.

2.  Cell Phones:  Mead High School, Central, Indian Peaks, Loma Linda, and Rocky Mountain Elementary Schools collect and recycle these. All other sites can send old cell phones to DTS and they will recycle them via eCycle.  

3.  Computers And Tech Equipment:  Send a work order to DTS to recycle school equipment. DTS recycles this equipment via Metech Recycling. Personal equipment is the responsibility of the owner.  Please remember that it is illegal to dump computer equipment and monitors in the trash.

4.  Ink Jet Cartridges: Toshiba empty toner cartridges should be recycled at each site by using the recycle box supplied by Toshiba to mail them back to the company. For non-Toshiba cartridges your school may have a recycle program.  If not, Mead High School and Central, Indian Peaks, Loma Linda and Rocky Mountain Elementary Schools also collect and recycle these. 

5.  Text Books:  Send a work order to the warehouse at CBESC and they will pick up old textbooks.

6.  Overhead Transparencies:  Overhead transparencies can be sent to DTS, attention Karen Adams, for recycling.

7.  Other Items:  Please have your school submit a work order if you have items to donate that are in decent condition. Goodwill Industries will take these for reuse or refurbishing.

 The District is thrilled to announce a fantastic partnership that took place during the 2014-2015 school year. 

The Career Development Center’s Welding Shop, Energy & Sustainability Department, and Custodial Department teamed together to produce 44 exterior garbage cans!

The Welding Shop students built tsturdy, metal cans for use in our parking lots. 

Thank you to all St. Vrain staff and students involved in this project! Our vision is to continue this partnership for several years to come until all schools have sufficient exterior garbage cans for their continued use.

The below schools received exterior garbage cans:

  • Lyons Middle Senior             
  • Erie High    
  • Frederick High
  • Longmont High
  • Mead High                    
  • Niwot High        
  • Silver Creek High               
  • Skyline High
  • Sunset Middle                  
  • Coal Ridge Middle
  • Thunder Valley K8                   
  • Mead Elementary
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