School Meals Main Menu

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School Meals Main Menu

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St. Vrain Valley School’s Nutrition Service staff believes that serving nutritious school meals is one of the main ingredients in students’ ability to learn in the classroom. It’s hard for students to focus when they are hungry. Our staff takes pride in providing meals that meet the USDA nutritional requirements and include as many local fresh ingredients as possible.

Parents and students will have a new look at school lunch! Beginning on August 1st, LINQ Connect, a new software program implemented by St. Vrain Nutrition Services Department, will display allergens, identify choices for those with dietary or religious restrictions, and provide real time updates on last-minute menu changes.

In addition to giving more menu visibility to parents and students, LINQ Connect enables the Food Services staff to collect data to drive menu decisions and control costs while delivering the best product possible to students every day. For the staff, the new software reduces paperwork and streamlines ordering giving the kitchen team more time to prepare delicious meals.

The software will provide a benefit to the St. Vrain community. The new features modernizes the menu and selection process and will enable St. Vrain to better serve the students of St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Healthy School Meals For All

Ways to Add Extra Funds to Student Accounts

Does your student like having access to seconds? Although your student’s first breakfast and lunch each day are free, seconds or incomplete meals such as just a milk, are not included in Healthy School Meals for All. You can add funds to your student account by sending cash or check to the school cafeteria, or by using a credit card on RevTrak.

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