Meet Our Leadership Team

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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Department Correspondence

For questions or comments, please contact us via the department email, and we will connect you with the appropriate subject matter expert.

Nutrition Services Office

303-702-8409 [email protected]

Nutrition Services Parent Portal & Meal Accounts

LINQ Connect offers parents & guardians the ability to:

  • View student meal selections and a la carte purchases
  • Link students to their school menus
  • Apply for Education Benefits
  • Track the progress of Education Benefits applications through eligibility determination
  • Print eligibility letters

Register for a free account today!

Although your student’s first breakfast and lunch each day are free, seconds or incomplete meals such as just a milk, are not included in Healthy School Meals for All. You can add funds to your student account by sending cash or check to the school cafeteria, or by using a credit card on RevTrak.

Education Benefits Form

For questions or assistance with processing Free & Reduced income eligibility applications:

"Image Kari Jacobs"
Kari Jacobs

Nutrition Services Coordinator of Resources

303-702-7793 [email protected]

Employment Opportunities

For questions or assistance with job postings, interviews, or new hires:

"image of [sandra lindamood]"
Sandra Lindamood

Staffing & Equipment Specialist

303-682-7251 [email protected]

Accounts Payable & Student Lunch Account Refunds

For inquiries regarding billing, accounts payable, new vendor setup, Colorado Payback, or student lunch account refunds:

"image of [Jennifer Raven]"
Jennifer Raven

Nutrition & Warehouse Services Accounting Specialist

303-702-7752 [email protected]

Menus & Catering

For inquires about the menu, taste testing, or locally grown or produced menu items:

Jim Rowan

Executive Chef

[email protected]

Hosting an event at an SVVSD school or administrative building? Nutrition Services is here to cater! Visit our online catering website to learn more:

Rochelle Borrego

Catering Manager

[email protected]

Purchasing & Procurement

For vendor appointments related to food, supplies, and disposables for Child Nutrition Programs:

"image of [Mindi Wolf]"
Mindi Wolf

Nutrition Services Coordinator of Operations

303-682-7214 [email protected]

Warehouse Services

SVVSD Warehouse Services provides a wealth of behind-the-scenes services throughout the district. For inquiries about deliveries, Warehouse Work Orders, postage and shipping:

"image of [Bobby Lentz]"
Bobby Lentz

Warehouse Manager , Warehouse Services

[email protected]

Area Supervisors & Subject Matter Experts

Our Site Supervisors manage a variety of programs, responsibilities, and areas of expertise. Additionally, they directly oversee the kitchen staff at our 55 sites across the district. For inquiries related to your specific school, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Special Diets: Allergies & Meal Modifications

Does your student require a customized menu due to special dietary needs? Nutrition Services can adapt menus to accommodate children who need specific food preparations or need to avoid certain foods due to allergies or medical conditions. For more information, please visit our Special Dietary Needs webpage.

"image of [Amy Gray]"
Amy Gray, MDA, RDN

Area Supervisor / Special Diets

[email protected]

School Wellness

SVVSD celebrates efforts to provide wellness opportunities to school communities. For inquiries about Farm to School, school gardens, Trip Tracker, Food Rescue, nutrition education & more:

"image of [Theresa Spires]"
Theresa Spires, RDN

Area Supervisor / School Wellness Coordinator

303-702-7750 [email protected]

Production & Mobile Meal Services

For inquiries about catering invoices, the central production kitchen, charter school or vended meal programs, or mobile meal services:

"image of [Sally Johnson]"
Sally Johnson

Area Supervisor / Production Kitchen & Summer Foodservice Program

303-702-7753 [email protected]

Technology & Student Accounts

For student account balances and reports, or questions about the point of sale system:

"image of [Joy English]"
Joy English

Area Supervisor / Technology Support

303-682-7338 [email protected]

Professional Development

SVVSD Nutrition Services provides training for employees year round. For inquires about our training programs, Manager in Training coursework, or New Hire Orientation:

"image of [Breean Harris]"
Breean Harris

Area Supervisor / Training

303-702-7756 [email protected]

Director’s Office

"image of [katie cossette]"]
Katie Cossette, MDA, RDN, SNS

Director of Nutrition Services & Warehouse

[email protected]

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