Meet Our Leadership Team

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Meet Our Leadership Team

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"image of [katie cossette]"]
Katie Cossette, MDA, RDN, SNS

Director of Nutrition Services & Warehouse

[email protected]

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Sandra Lindamood

Secretary to the Director of Nutrition Services & Warehouse

303-682-7251 [email protected]

Free & Reduced Price Meal Applications

"image of [Sandra Melara]"
Sandra Melara

Nutrition Services Secretary

303-702-8409 [email protected]

"Image Kari Jacobs"
Kari Jacobs

Nutrition Services Coordinator of Resources

303-702-7793 [email protected]

Purchasing & Accounts Payable

"image of [Mindi Wolf]"
Mindi Wolf

Nutrition Services Coordinator of Operations

303-682-7214 [email protected]

"image of [Jennifer Raven]"
Jennifer Raven

Nutrition & Warehouse Services Accounting Specialist

303-702-7752 [email protected]

"image of [Bobby Lentz]"
Bobby Lentz

Warehouse Manager , Warehouse Services

[email protected]

School Wellness & Special Diets

"image of [Theresa Spires]"
Theresa Spires, RDN

Area Supervisor / School Wellness Coordinator / Farm to School

303-702-7750 [email protected]

"image of [Amy Gray]"
Amy Gray, MDA, RDN

Area Supervisor / Menu Planning & Special Diets

[email protected]

Area Supervisors

"image of [Joy English]"
Joy English

Area Supervisor / Technology Support

303-682-7338 [email protected]

"image of [Breean Harris]"
Breean Harris

Area Supervisor / Training

303-702-7756 [email protected]

"image of [Sally Johnson]"
Sally Johnson

Area Supervisor / Production Kitchen & Summer Foodservice Program

303-702-7753 [email protected]


Jim Rowan

Catering Chef

[email protected]

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