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Staff Wellness

Our Mission

St. Vrain Valley School District values the health and well being of their employees. In an effort to improve the health of all SVVSD employees, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and have a healthier and happier workforce, the district established a Worksite Wellness Program in 2010.

Mission: To establish a culture of health and wellness that encourages lifelong healthy behaviors and attitudes, fosters a healthy learning environment, promotes student achievement and benefits our employees and community through improved quality of life.

Primary Goals:

  • Encourage a Supportive Social and Physical Environment that Promotes a Culture of Healthy Lifestyles for All District Employees.
  • Provide a variety of wellness initiatives to educate employees about the importance of modifiable risk factors and to encourage healthy behavior change.
  • Raise Awareness and Engagement of wellness initiatives for optimal health.
  • Engage Leadership in Supporting, Role Modeling, and Communicating Wellness in the Workplace

What Wellness has to Offer

SVVSD Wellness takes an eight pillar approach to wellness, the eight pillars are physical, social, environmental, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, financial, and emotional. During the school year we offer classes that correlate to either one or multiple of the pillars, touching on everything at least once. Information for upcoming events is passed onto your buildings Wellness Advocate to share or found in the HR newsletter.

Wheel showing the eight areas of wellness at SVVSD

Icon Glossary

If you see these icons located next to an event that means that specific event covers that specific area of wellness. There is the possibility to see one or all eight!

Smartwatch representing physical wellness

Physical Wellness

Take good care of your body to help decrease your stress, increase your energy, and lower your risk of disease.

Growing seeds representing environmental wellness

Environmental Wellness

Care for your natural, personal, and professional surroundings.

Piggy bank representing financial wellness

Financial Wellness

Learn how to manage your finances and live within your means.

Circle maze representing intellectual wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Seek out new challenges, be creative and open to new ideas.

Briefcase representing occupational wellness

Occupational Wellness

Having a career that is fulfilling, meaningful, enjoyable, and contributes to the larger society.

Smiley face representing emotional wellness

Emotional Wellness

Have a strong sense of self that supports your ability to handle whatever life throws your way and the ability to adapt and change.

Group of figures holding hands representing social wellness

Social Wellness

Connect with others to build a support system that can help you stay mentally and physically healthier.

Sitting yoga pose representing spiritual wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Live a life that reflects your beliefs and values and find meaning in life events.

Program Offerings

  • Biometric screenings
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Educational wellness resources
  • Flu shots
  • Online yoga classes
  • Pop in wellness events
  • Spring wellness challenge
  • SVVSD Discount for area gyms
  • Walktober
  • Wellness classes from partners
  • Wellness classes from SVVSD
Connor O’Rourke

Wellness Technician

303-702-7921 [email protected]

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