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The Planning Department responsibility covers a wide range of activity related to the facility planning function of the District which have direct and indirect connections to student achievement, well-being and community partnerships.

Comprehensive Planning

Develop a district-wide comprehensive plan for the long-term growth of the district in coordination with local communities. All future schools and locations are based on city and town comprehensive planning documents.

Development and Benchmark Review

Review and respond to all development referrals and benchmark issues for impacts to existing and future schools

Enrollment Projections

Develop 5 year enrollment projections for capital planning and 1 year projections for each school and grade level for staffing and budgeting purposes

Boundary Planning

Create and analyze boundary plans and coordinate processes for a variety of scenarios including for opening new schools and making adjustments to balance enrollment.

Building Capacity 

Evaluate building capacity of all St. Vrain Valley educational facilities and impacts on students reviewing for the timing and need for additional or expanded facilities

Land Acquisition

Coordinate the land acquisition efforts of the District in particular as it relates to new development.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Implementation

Implement and operate District GIS system for a variety of departmental and District needs: Mapping, tracking student enrollment movement/growth, School site analysis, housing and development monitoring, etc.

Intergovernmental Agreements

Work in partnership with local communities and residential developers to implement agreements and programs that lead to the dedication and development of future school sites.

Coordination of Open Enrollment Program 

Review open enrollment applications, appeals, policy and regulation amendments, counsel staff and principals on procedures and track student movement.

Annual October Report

Prepare report that tracks enrollment, school and program trends for the Board and Staff. 

The Planning Department maintains a list, in accordance with State Statutes 22-30.5-104 (7.5) (a), of vacant or underused buildings and land (if any exist). Please contact the Planning Department for further information.

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Heidi Feula

Planning/Data Technician (Open Enrollment, October Count Report)

Ryan Kragerud

Planning/GIS Specialist (Cash in Lieu, Development Referrals, GIS)

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