October Enrollment Report

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October Enrollment Report

October Enrollment Report

The Planning Department’s responsibility covers a wide range of activity related to the facility planning function of the District. As a resource for the community, the Planning Department annually provides the Board of Education with a report on the official October Count for the St. Vrain Valley School District.

The October Report details the changes in enrollment at a school by grade level, as well as provides information on birth numbers, free/reduced lunch counts, ethnic breakdowns, English language learners, private school and home school enrollment, the impacts of choice, enrollment projections, capacity, building permit activity by community and a variety of other indicators.

The St. Vrain Valley School District experienced continued strong growth in enrollment for 2015. K-12 enrollment now stands at 30691, up from 30,017 in 2014. Including all pre-school students and other programs the District now has an enrollment of 31,892 students.

The addition of 674 students this year results in a growth rate of approximately 2.25% from the 2014 October Count. The greatest gains were in the Erie Feeder schools (+350 students), Mead Feeder Schools (+203), Silver Creek Feeder (+132), Alternative programs (+132), and Frederick Feeder Schools (+86).   The St. Vrain Valley School District is the 7th largest school district in Colorado.  

Choice is significant factor in the enrollment in St. Vrain.  3,911 elementary students and 4,270 secondary students open enroll at a variety of schools to take advantage of district academic programs.  In fact, 1,622 students from outside the boundaries of St. Vrain have chosen to pursue their education at district schools.

The District enrollment for all schools came in at a -0.33% error from the projection for all schools, charters and programs.