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The operation of the Purchasing Department is governed by Board of Education policies and local, state, and federal laws. The Department’s responsibilities include providing the District with policies that foster an ethical, responsive, and efficient environment and honoring obligations to internal customers and suppliers.

Each year, St. Vrain Valley Schools acquires a variety of goods and services. The Purchasing Department strives to achieve the best price for the district while allowing the district to operate efficiently and economically. The procurement team reviews or solicits purchase requests to ensure sound purchasing procedures were followed and adequate pricing comparisons were obtained.

How the Process Works

An open, competitive bidding process conducted by the Purchasing staff is the key to the procurement system. The operation of the Purchasing Department is governed by Board of Education policies and local, state and federal laws. The department’s responsibilities include providing the district with policies that foster an ethical, responsive, and efficient environment that honor obligations to internal customers and suppliers. 

Purchasing Procedures/Bid Requirements

SVVSD does not require an approved vendor list for purchases of $25k or less. As long as Purchasing Procedures are followed as outlined by Board policy, our staff members are able to do business with vendors of their choosing.

Small Dollar Purchasing – Procurement Cards

Price quotations are not required. Purchases of goods or services totaling less than $5,000 shall be processed as a procurement card transaction or a purchase order assigned. Buying from cooperative purchasing contracts and discount pricing agreements is encouraged. 

Purchases of $5,000 up to less than $25,000

Competitive Requests for Quote must be obtained from a minimum of two or more suppliers. All purchase requests are reviewed by Purchasing before approval of a purchase order. 

Purchases of $25,000 and above

A formal competitive process is conducted for these purchases facilitated by Purchasing. An Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal process may be used. District Board of Education approval is required for the purchases of goods and services totaling $100,000 and above before a contract is awarded and a purchase order issued. 

Professional Services / Instructional Materials

Contracting for professional services, purchases of educational workbooks, textbooks, library books, expendable Science supplies are exempt from the competitive bid requirements. Appropriate contract documents are submitted to Purchasing prior to purchase order approval. 

How to Participate in the Process 

The St. Vrain Valley School District does not maintain a vendor list for Bid/RFP solicitations. All competitive solicitations are posted on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.Suppliers and contractors are to register to obtain access, view and print all formal solicitations. The district, along with other participating public agencies, post bids, quotes, proposals, amendments and award information on this website. Rocky Mountain BidNet provides all technical and customer support. 

To participate in future solicitation opportunities from the district, bidders must register and select one of two service plan options. The district cannot guarantee accurate information obtained from sources other than the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

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