Elementary students in a school bus
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Elementary students in a school bus

District Transportation: Driving the Future

Transportation Services’ mission is to provide safe, efficient transportation that supports the educational environment, while complying with governmental regulations and Board policy. More than 100 bus drivers travel over 1,400,000 miles annually while transporting over 6,900 students daily. Transportation services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, the department:

  • Evaluates safe walking paths and distances
  • Evaluates traffic issues and patterns
  • Responds around the clock to emergency breakdowns and accidents involving school buses and support fleets
  • Evaluates bus stop locations
  • Maintains buses and support fleet vehicles
  • Monitors and trains coaches and teachers who wish to use Suburbans or minibusses
  • Trains staff who hold Commercial Drivers Licenses to ensure compliance with federal regulation

Please review this brief video outlining our transportation services procedures including rider eligibility, the bus rider application process, bus passes, and assigned seating.

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