Custodial Services

Gloved hands sanitizing a phone
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Custodial Services

Gloved hands sanitizing a phone

Custodial Services

Custodial Services’ mission is to provide a clean and safe environment that supports quality learning in the educational environment, in the most efficient manner possible. This department operates under the belief that mutual respect and professionalism between staff, students and community ensures a safe and clean environment. The custodians cover 58 sites and approximately 4,129,713 square feet of floor space. The Department consists of 168 custodians with 15 sub custodians.

Custodians provide a number of services including:

  • Open and close facilities on a daily basis
  • Snow Removal for schools to open on time
  • Clean and disinfect each site daily to provide a safe, healthy learning environment
  • Safety inspections of school or building, playground and bleachers
  • Maintain building with work orders and minor repairs to facilities
  • Clean and inspect grounds on a daily basis
  • Set up and clean up for school activities and community events

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