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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Current guest teachers have access to Substitute Absence Management, SAM, (formerly Aesop) which allow guest teachers to review current assignments, review available jobs, cancel a job, and review personal information.

  • SAM can be accessed by calling (800) 942–3767
  • SAM – website: click here


1.      Is there a work requirement for guest teachers at St. Vrain Valley Schools?

Guest Teachers in St. Vrain are required to take at least 10 jobs (full or half days) within the school year to stay active on the guest teacher list for the following year.

2.      Is it possible to access SAM on my cell phone?

 Yes, on your mobile device you will need to purchase the app titled ‘Jobulator’.

3.      How do I get technology help?

SVVSD’s Tech Department has created a website to help substitutes understand the technology used at the district. 

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