Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

What is blended learning? The SVVSD Blended model is a combination between research-supported practices and quality online content. Blended learning puts the students at the center by giving them more control of the content, path, place, pace, and time of learning. Key components include online formative assessment, high-quality instructional content, differentiated small group instruction/station rotation, and transformative class time.

What is a Blended Digital Credential? SVVSD is partnering with iLearn Collaborative to provide an opportunity for teachers to learn about and earn PD badges in six different key components of Blended Learning. When the six badges are issued, the earner receives a digital credential that can provide several benefits. The iLearn Collaborative’s Blended Learning certificate is a credential recognizing achievement and qualifications for implementation of instructional practices that promote student agency. Through our comprehensive, six-course training program, educators demonstrate mastery of innovative blended and personalized learning strategies and methods through modeling and reflective practice. Credentialed educators are deemed instructional leaders within their schools and districts for their contributions to the advancement of student-centered learning.

What is a Badge? A badge is a portable, connected and verifiable credential presented in a visual format. Badges can be earned in various spaces, on the time frame of the learner, for all types of learning. The value of badges can range from recognition of leadership in the content learned, open new pathways. SVVSD will support badges that allow for the development of district initiatives, but badges can be earned for any number of things in which a person might be interested.

Visual of the six available badgets, including intro to blended learning, inquiry-based learning, digital tools for blended classrooms, flipped classroom, rotation in a blended classroom, and differentiation in blended environments.

There are two options to learn about and implement blended learning in your classroom, both options provide different pathways to a Blended Learning Certification through iLearn Collaborative:

Option 1: Blended Collaborative- Year Long Commitment

The Blended Collaborative brings pK-12 teachers from across the district to work in a group workshop setting to learn, design and reflect on the implementation of blended learning in their classroom. The structure of the collaborative is blended and includes a component of online instruction and creation and monthly face to face meetings focused on peer collaboration and creation. Upon completion of this program you may earn the Blended Learning Certification by taking three additional courses through the iLearn CollaborativeHere are some of the previous Blended Collaborative teachers sharing about their experience in this program.


In this 5 credit course, teachers will

  • articulate and share the components of blended learning, and identify what this looks like in instruction.
  • redesign current practices and implement blended learning experiences to create a student-centered classroom.  
  • collaboratively build blended learning experiences and reflect and refine practices to create their own individualized blended model.

We invite you to apply if you are interested and committed to blending and/or flipping your instruction and are willing to showcase your blended classroom. As a thank-you to for your commitment to this program, the fee for the 5 credits will be waived. Due to the nature of this program we will prioritize teachers that are applying as a part of a team.

Please Review these Blended Collaborative Guidelines before applying.

Click here to apply– Deadline to apply is Monday June 1st.

Option 2: Blended Badges

Want to learn about Blended Learning but don’t want to commit to a year long cohort? Take Blended Badges courses this summer in your area of interest.  The Introduction to Blended Learning or previous Blended Collaborative is a Pre-Requisite to all the other courses.  The Blended Badges course delivery and design models the instructional practices we are teaching, allowing enrollees to experience what it is like to be a blended, personalized learning student. Upon completion of all six Blended badges you will earn a Blended Learning Certification through the iLearn Collaborative

Offerings for this summer:

June 8-28th

Introduction to Blended learning-Click here to register

Quality Online Content: Digital tools for Blended Learning- Click here to register

July 6th- July 26th

Introduction to Blended Learning- Click here to register
Online Formative Assessment: Differentiation in the Blended Classroom-Click here to register
Flipped Classroom- Click here to register

August 3rd- August 23rd

Online Formative Assessment: Differentiation in the Blended Classroom-Click here to register
Station Rotation- Click here to register
Inquiry in Blended- Click here to register

**All courses will also be offered in the fall 

For questions please contact:

Casey Luker, eLearning Coordinator