Join the #StVrainStorm

In St. Vrain Valley Schools, we are all part of a greater purpose in advancing public education across our community and beyond. We have a vision for a strong public education system that is not only preparing our students for graduation and postsecondary success, but is giving them a strong competitive advantage to compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any job in the world.

We believe public education is the foundation that drives the success of our nation. It is through our public schools that our communities are safer, our economies are stronger, our property values are higher, and our future is brighter. Across St. Vrain Valley Schools, we are taking public education by #StVrainStorm – our shared passion and commitment to advancing academic excellence and student success. Whether we are in our classrooms, competing and performing across the state, hiking with our families, or traveling the world, we keep public education close to our hearts and champion academic excellence wherever we go.

Follow our #StVrainStorm hashtag on Twitter to see the outstanding things taking place every day across all of our schools and departments.

St. Vrain Valley Schools