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Community Schools

Community Schools students


St. Vrain Valley School District Community Schools is a dynamic, thriving, and vital partner in achieving the mission and vision of the school district. Our primary goal is provide opportunities to enrich the lives of children and families in safe, quality, affordable care and enrichment experiences that enhance academic, social-emotional development, and allow children to be creative and happy. Community Schools provide onsite extended learning day opportunities by tying student achievement to our programming, expanding educational opportunities for preschool children ages 3 and 4, and school age children five to thirteen. Additionally, programs offer indoor and outdoor recreation and nutritious snacks. Parents and students are encouraged to suggest ideas, toys, materials and snacks that would improve their children’s experience.

Licensed Programs Offered

Community Schools currently has programs in 35 locations across the District.  Each location offers programs that meet the needs of the students attending those schools. Some sites may offer full service opportunities including childcare, preschool/kindergarten care, before and after school enrichment while others may present one or two of these options. Be sure to check each school for the type of program offered at that site.

Six of our schools offer licensed care for Preschool through kindergarten and 22 programs are licensed for children ages 5-12. All care programs are licensed according to regulations for Childcare Centers issued by the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS). Staff members are highly qualified and certified according to state licensing regulations.

Extended Day Learning Opportunities (Enrichment)

Additionally, Community Schools offers extended day learning opportunities through various enrichment classes. Classes offered before and after school reflect the interest of children and families at each location, in addition to the focus and curriculum of the school community.  An extensive menu of opportunities is available including; movies, arts and crafts, science-based activities and learning experiences, music and physical activities, community awareness and academic support programs and Robotics.

Summer Camps and Non School Days

Childcare may be offered at specific locations on non-student contact days, including summer, but not on days that the District is closed, such as holidays. The child care staff offer extended, enrichment and recreation activities to support a well-rounded experience.

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