Professional Development Models

Professional Development Models

Professional Development Models

In response to the call for differentiated learning opportunities for all district employees and growing focus on accountability for professional development results, St. Vrain Valley School District has developed a variety of Results-Based Professional Development Models.  These models have been designed to assist employees in developing formal study and training to increase their ability to accomplish the district strategic plan and the specific goals of the Board of Education. These models have been supported and promoted by Learning Forward as representative of the types of job embedded professional development that is likely to support sustained school improvement.

Professional development activities at the district, school/department levels are approved through a rigorous application process using one of the District’s Results-Based Professional Development Models. The process requires submission of relevant data, goals, design and implementation, collaboration and plans for development and dissemination of products and learning results. Upon completion of the professional development activities, individual reflections on learning and team products are submitted for final approval for credit.

To determine which application fits your professional development plan, please use the following flow map:

Click here for an interactive OPD Models Flow Map

The Models

Professional Development Course (Formerly Training Model)

Professional Study Team (Formerly PST or Process Model)

Leadership Team

Independent Study

Professional Conference

Certificate Credit for Lateral Move

MTSS Team Application