Professional Development Models

Professional Development Models

Professional Development Models

In response to the call for differentiated learning opportunities for all district employees and growing focus on accountability for professional development results, St. Vrain Valley School District has developed a variety of Results-Based Professional Development Models.  These models have been designed to assist employees in developing formal study and training to increase their ability to accomplish the district strategic plan and the specific goals of the Board of Education. These models have been supported and promoted by Learning Forward as representative of the types of job embedded professional development that is likely to support sustained school improvement.

Professional development activities at the district, school/department levels are approved through a rigorous application process using one of the District’s Results-Based Professional Development Models. The process requires submission of relevant data, goals, design and implementation, collaboration and plans for development and dissemination of products and learning results. Upon completion of the professional development activities, individual reflections on learning and team products are submitted for final approval for credit.

Professional Study Teams: The word “study” will be the focus of Professional Study Teams. Groups that meet to study an issue should apply for a Professional Study Team. The following are examples of appropriate PSTs:

  • Book studies of professional literature (i.e. Teach Like a Champion)
  • Discussion and analysis of recent research and how it relates to classroom practice
  • The study of professional best practices to better meet student learning needs
  • Problem solving groups that focus on the implementation of new learning
  • Collaborative examination of student work/data to improve professional practice

Please note that after completing a Professional Study Team a team may realize that they need to create new units, so a PST may lead right into a Process Model application.

Process Model: A group of teachers meeting to produce a concrete product should use the Process Model Application. Creating integrated units, common assessments, or a new student handbook would be examples of the Process Model.

MTSS Team Application: There is a separate application for school MTSS teams. 

Leadership Teams: There is a separate application for school leadership teams.

The instructions for each type of Model as well as the application can be found below. 

  • Read the instructions first. (The instructions for the Training Model are embedded in the application)
  • Download the application and save it as a file on your computer. 
  • Once you have completed the application, send it to Jean Jennings as an e-mail attachment. 
  • Please submit your application at least 3 weeks prior to the start date, in order to allow time for modifications, if necessary

The Models

Independent Study – Instructions and Rubric

Independent Study Application

Individual Time Log

Professional Conference Model Application

Professional Conference Model Application Guidelines

Professional Conference Note Taking Log

Professional Study Team Guidelines

Professional Study Team Application

Leadership Team Application

MTSS Team Application

Online Training Model Application

Process Model Guidelines

Process Model Application

Training Model