K-12 Social Studies

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K-12 Social Studies


K-12 Social Studies is part of the Department of Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction at the Learning Services Center. The Social Studies Department oversees and supports the development and implementation of Tier 1 curriculum, assessment, and instruction for Social Studies in the St. Vrain Valley School District.


The K-12 Social Studies Coordinator is responsible for the following to support our community, parents, administrators, teachers, and students in the St. Vrain Valley School District:

  • Support the effective implementation of the adopted instructional materials for Social Studies K-12
  • Align instructional materials for Social Studies to the Colorado Academic Standards PK-12, ensuring a rigorous, guaranteed & viable curriculum for all students
  • Support the design, implementation, and interpretation of District-wide Social Studies assessments
  • Customize support for school-based improvement goals based on identified needs in Social Studies achievement
  • Identify, design, and coordinate professional development opportunities in Social Studies for District teachers
  • Facilitate quarterly teacher leadership team meetings focused on instruction and student achievement
  • Facilitate the Social Studies program/textbook adoption process and monitor the piloting of candidate programs/textbooks
  • Communicate with the Board of Education, District staff, and the public regarding the District Social Studies program

Committees & Assemblies

The Department of Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction has established teacher leadership teams with representation from each building to support District initiatives, District achievement goals, professional development, and instructional programming in Social Studies. The Elementary, Middle School, and High School Social Studies Leadership Teams meet quarterly as a communication and support link between teachers, schools, and the District.

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