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Elementary students in a school bus

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Elementary students in a school bus

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About the Transportation Team

Transportation Services’ mission is to provide safe, efficient transportation that supports the educational environment of St. Vrain Valley Schools, while complying with governmental regulations and Board policy. More than 100 bus drivers travel over 1,400,000 miles annually while transporting over 6,900 students daily. The transportation department is made up of a diverse group of passionate professionals who share a common goal. Community members, parents, and retirees are some of the members represented by our team. Whether you are interested in the flexible time off or the excellent paid benefits, there are opportunities for everyone.

Current Job Openings

  • Bus Drivers | A bus driver is a commercial (CDL) vehicle operator who traditionally drives routes from home to school and from school to home daily. Bus drivers are also responsible for driving field trips such as athletics and education-based events that take place outside of the school setting.
  • Bus Assistants | Bus assistants ride on bus routes to assist the driver with student management. Bus Assistants care for those riders who require additional support during their daily bus ride.
  • Transportation Department/Non-Commercial Driver’s License Drivers | Non-CDL drivers operate Suburbans and mini-buses, transporting students from home to school and from school to home daily.
  • Mechanic – Fleet Maintenance | Service Technician (vehicle maintenance)

Pay Employee Benefits

St. Vrain Valley School District determines salary placement based on education and years of experience. All pertinent experience must be listed on the employment application in order to be counted. For education credit, official transcripts must be submitted for evaluation.

  • Bus Drivers |  $23.47 – $33.77
  • Bus Assistants | $17.77 – $25.57
  • Non-Commercial Driver’s License Drivers | $19.91 – $28.65
  • Mechanic I– Fleet Maintenance | $26.31 – $37.87
  • Mechanic II– Fleet Maintenance | $27.03 – $38.89
  • Mechanic III– Fleet Maintenance | $27.74 – $39.92
  • Mechanic IV– Fleet Maintenance | $28.44 – $40.92

It’s important to St. Vrain Valley Schools that employees and their families have opportunities to live healthy lives, and as such, we offer comprehensive health care plans and wellness programs. With a reasonable contribution, employees can choose from two different medical plans which include prescription coverage as well as comprehensive dental and vision care.

What Do Our Team Members Have to Say?

“There are a lot of reasons I like working for St. Vrain Valley Schools, but the biggest thing is being a part of such an amazing team. We have the ability to interact with all of the educational community.” – John, Trip Coordinator

“I honestly like every part of my job on the transportation team. The best part of the day is when I am challenged by a student to help them solve a real-world problem they may be experiencing.” – Andrea, Bus Assistant

“Something people may not know about working for St. Vrain’s transportation team is that we are mentors, counselors, and friends to these students. The transportation staff provide the same levels of support for each other when needs arise. We are so much more than a ride, we are the beginning and end of a person’s day.” – Marcy, Bus Driver”

“I have always felt very supported coming to work. Coming in each day challenges me to be the best I can to provide the very best service for our staff and students.” -Brett, Bus Driver

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of qualifications/certifications do I need to join the transportation team?

  • Candidates do not need any previous experience. The most important thing that successful candidates bring is a passion for education and a desire to work with school children. *Qualifications and requirements are reviewed during the job interview.

Why do I want to work for St. Vrain’s transportation team?

  • Working for Transportation is so much more than a job. The satisfaction that you receive knowing that you make an impact on the future is something that cannot be replaced. The outstanding pay and benefits, along with the flexible schedule, allow for endless specialized interest employees to be successful in the department.

Driving a bus is a big responsibility, are there other opportunities for me?

  • If bus driving is not your thing, there are plenty of other opportunities within transportation. We have positions for bus assistants and non-CDL drivers as well. Both of these positions require the same level of commitment to students but have very different job responsibilities. A bus assistant supports students’ ride to and from school; often caring for special needs or individualized care plans that require additional levels of support. A non-CDL driver operates a suburban taking a single rider to and from their educational programming. 

What training will I receive?

  • All of the training is provided by the St. Vrain Valley Schools. When an employee accepts a position within the department, all training is paid time.

Do I have to work full-time? How much flexibility do I have in my schedule?

  • One of the best things about working in transportation is the flexibility. The working schedule aligns with the school calendar and the days you have off are the same as the student days off. There are many routes that transport students through the middle of the day, but if you are interested in having the middle of the day off, those assignments also exist within the transportation department.

Am I eligible for district benefits? Most employees are eligible for benefits after completing training. Training takes between two to five weeks depending on the work assignment. 

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