Operations Leadership Team

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Operations Leadership Team

Operations Leadership Team

Brian Lamer
Brian Lamer

Assistant Superintendent of Operations

303-682-7405 [email protected]

Helene Pronk

Executive Administrative Assistant

303-682-7405 [email protected]

Patricia Davis

Accounting Specialist

[email protected]

Lance Yoxsimer

Executive Director of Transportation

303-903-2014 [email protected]

Kelly Kinsman

Environmental Health & Safety Manager

303-652-7661 [email protected]

Luana Campos

Facility Use Coordinator

303-682-7433 [email protected]

John Goddard

Custodial Manager

303-702-8321 [email protected]

Richard Peebles

Executive Director of Safety and Security

303-682-7207 [email protected]

Bryan Zwisler

Executive Director of Construction and Maintenance

303-682-7320 [email protected]

Brendan Willits

Planning Director

303-682-7204 [email protected]

Paul Schuler

Manager of Maintenance

303-682-7268 [email protected]

Katie Cossette

Director of Nutrition Services and Warehouse

303-682-7255 [email protected]

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