Operations Leadership Team

School building in the morning light

Operations Leadership Team

Operations Leadership Team

Brian Lamer

Assistant Superintendent of Operations

303-682-7405 lamer_brian@svvsd.org

Shelly Allen

Director of Nutrition & Warehouse Services

303-682-7255 allen_shelly@svvsd.org

Richard Peebles

Executive Director of Safety and Security

303-682-7207 peebles_richard@svvsd.org

Paul Schuler

Manager of Maintenance

303-682-7268 schuler_paul@svvsd.org

Scott Toillion

Planning Director

303-682-7229 toillion_scott@svvsd.org

Patricia Davis



Kristy Foster

Facility Use Coordinator

303-652-6310 foster_kristy@svvsd.org

John Goddard

Custodial Manager

303-702-8321 goddard_john@svvsd.org

Helene Pronk

Executive Administrative Assistant

303-682-7405 pronk_helene@svvsd.org

Rick Ruffino

Executive Director of Construction & Maintenance

303-682-7269 ruffino_richard@svvsd.org

Lance Yoxsimer

Director of Transportation

303-903-2014 yoxsimer_lance@svvsd.org