Ala Carte & Smart Snacks

Ala Carte & Smart Snacks

A La Carte Offerings in SVVSD

Did you know that the Nutrition Service department is self-funded? This means that the money the department earns from selling food items to students, families and staff, as well as federal and state government funding, must cover the cost of food, salary & benefits for approximately 220 employees, equipment and other operational expenses.  Nutrition Services does not receive money outside of its meal service operations and grants related to the service of food to students.

These daily a la carte offerings help the department cover operational costs, including remaining competitive in the job market and the ability to offer our employees wage increases aligned with the district. We use the sale of additional items to help foster a better program for our students. This is one contributor to SVVSD’s success in farm to school programming, staffing kitchens appropriately, and replacing equipment with tools that help us produce the best possible food for our students each and every day.  Our goal is to continue to offer the best variety of healthy meals to our students daily ensuring that 100% of our students are successful.

Families will still be able to regulate which items their student is allowed to purchase by contacting [email protected]. Students, parents and staff will not be allowed to purchase a la carte items when their account does not have adequate funds to cover the cost of the item. You can view your student purchases and make notes on their accounts for our cashiers on LINQ Connect.

Smart Snacks in Schools

SVVSD ala carte items are compliant with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Smart Snack regulations and follow the district’s wellness guidelines. Snacks will be provided in small portions, whole grain, and are formulated to be reduced in fat, sugar and sodium. Examples of options include granola bars, whole grain cookies, baked chips, 100% sparkling juice, popcorn, reduced-sugar fruit snacks, and ice cream. Click on the links below for nutrition and allergen information surrounding Smart Snack guidelines.

Smart Snack Fact Sheet

Smart Snack Calculator

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