Licensing Requirements

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Licensing Requirements


You must hold a valid Colorado teaching license before beginning your licensed assignment with St. Vrain Valley Schools. A copy of your teaching license is due to Human Resources upon the completion of your employment paperwork. Below is a listing of the different types of licenses:

Initial License

This license is issued to new Colorado graduates who have passed the PLACE or Praxis exam. It is active for three years. As required by law, an initial license holder must also complete a state-approved induction program to move from an initial license to a professional license.

Interim Teacher License

This license is issued to an out-of-state candidate who holds a current license in another state and who has less than three years experience. These individuals have one year to pass the Colorado PLACE or Praxis exam in their chosen content area. This license is renewable only once.

Professional Teaching License

This license is issued to an initial license holder who has completed a state-approved induction program. This license is valid for five years and is renewable by obtaining six semester hours of coursework or 90 clock hours of professional development credit (or a combination of coursework and professional development credit). Formal documentation of all credit is required. Professional licenses are also granted to out-of-state educators with three or more years of successful, continuous, and evaluated experience.

Alternative Teacher License

This license is issued to an individual who holds a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, who demonstrates subject matter competency for public schools and who participates in an on-the-job, one-year alternative teacher license program. This license is valid for one year only and is non-renewable.

Authorization Temporary Teacher Eligibility (TTE)

This authorization is requested by district Special Education teachers who are enrolled in a Special Education teacher program and who do not currently hold a Special Education license. The teacher must currently hold a valid TTE that monitors the teacher’s program completion. The TTE holder usually completes nine credit hours/year. The Authorization and TTE are issued for one year and is renewable only twice if documentation of progress of program completion can be appropriately provided.

Emergency Authorization

This authorization is requested by the school district when an appropriate licensed, endorsed individual cannot be found. The license is issued to the individual, but is specific to the district. It is valid for one year.

New Employee Certification System

Have you recently updated your license or authorization through the Colorado Department of Education? If you are a certified or administrative employee or a Guest Teacher, please use the new Employee Certification System to update your information with the District. 

Click here to complete the updated information and upload the license or authorization form you received in the email from CDE. 

The Employee Certification System can also be located at under Forms. 

License Application/Renewal Information

License application and renewal information can be found at the Colorado Department of Education website.

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