Home School Education


Michelle Fuller

APEX Homeschool Program Registrar


Home schooling is deregulated in the state of Colorado, therefore, parents take on all of the responsibility for their student's education including acquisition of books, supplies, tests, and maintaining permanent records.

A parent who intends to establish a nonpublic home-based education program is required to:

  • Provide written notification of the program to a school district within the state when the child is six years of age;
  • Establish the program when the child reaches seven years of age; and
  • Continue the program and provide the notification until the child is sixteen years of age.

How do I get started, what do I do first?

A parent who wishes to home school must provide written notification of their intent to homeschool to the St. Vrain Valley Schools 14 days prior to establishing the homeschool program and every year thereafter that the program is maintained. The notification must include the name and age of the child, the address where the home schooling will take place, and the number of hours of attendance of each child enrolled. State statute requires a minimum of 4 hours a day for a minimum of 172 days per year. Records to be maintained include but are not limited to attendance records, immunization records, and assessment records. Students must be tested using a national standardized test or by being evaluated by a qualified person starting with third grade and every other year thereafter. The results of this testing/evaluation must be submitted to the school district to which notification was given.

How do I submit my letter of intent?

The SVVSD APEX Homeschool Program is the homeschool liaison for the St. Vrain Valley School District. You can submit your letter to the St. Vrain Valley Schools one of two ways:

By mail:

APEX - SVVSD Homeschool
ATTN: Michelle Fuller
1351 S. Sunset Street, Unit B
Longmont CO 80501

By email:

Please attach your letter of intent as a PDF document and email it to us at apex@svvsd.org

For information about the Colorado homeschool law and to view a sample letter of intent or for more information about the APEX Homeschool Program and what it has to offer your homeschool student, you can reach the APEX Principal Kim Lancaster at lancaster_kim@svvsd.org or 303-702-8601.