St. Vrain Implements New Bus Identification System

This year as students prepare to ride our school buses, they will notice new animals have joined our transportation fleet. In addition to a number, each bus route will also be identified by a unique animal and color combination to enhance rider safety and help our students easily identify their bus route.

“The purpose behind the project was to improve and increase the ease with which our riders, especially the younger ones, identify their bus,” said Director of Transportation, Lance Yoxsimer.

Students will build a strong connection to their bus route by knowing they are part of the blue bumblebees or green dolphin rider group.

Each bus will have a magnet next to the door displaying its route animal and color. Students will also receive a matching sticker from the bus driver to be placed on their Zpass card.

These stickers will not only help riders identify their bus but they will also provide visual confirmation for both school and transportation staff that a student is getting onto the correct bus.

“We are always looking for opportunities to help our students succeed in their busing experience,” said Yoxsimer.

Zpasses are the cards riders use to scan on and off of the bus each ride. There is also a great opportunity for parents to monitor transportation through the Zpass Plus app.

The app will send parents a text message each time their rider scans on and off the bus.

“The app is an amazing way to stay connected with your kids,” said Yoxsimer.

For more information please call the transportation dispatch office at: 303-702-7530

Sign up today for Zpass Plus.

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