Health Services

Bryan Krause
Executive Director of Student Services
303-772-7700 x57859

Parent Department


The Health Services Department of SVVSD manages the “in school” health needs of all students of the school district to promote optimal wellness so that all students can access an education.

The Nurses’ Office is located in the Student Services office at 830 South Lincoln, Longmont, CO 80501.  Each nurse trains and delegates health related procedures and skills to the personnel in their assigned buildings. Each building has a health clerk present who is trained by the school nurse to manage the day to day health needs and data entry at the school.

The nurses oversee the following areas for SVVSD:

  • Medication administration
  • Vision/hearing screening follow up
  • Individualized Health Plans and health related 504 plans (consult)
  • Health trainings/delegations

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