Health Services

Sophia Yager
Health Services Coordinator

Andrea Martinez

Parent Department



The team strives to remove barriers due to health concerns to encourage educational engagement by providing high quality nursing and health services to support and advocate for student health needs in close collaboration with families, staff and the community.

What we do:

School nurses are Special Service Providers with a license granted from CDE. The qualifications for CDE licensure includes a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a license to practice nursing in the State of Colorado, and three years’ experience working in the specialized field of school nursing.

  • Provides management of students with chronic health conditions
  • In coordination and collaboration with health clerks, staff, parents and administrators develops and monitors Individual Health Plans
  • Provides prevention and health promotion education in the school setting
  • Manages communicable disease outbreaks in schools
  • Coordinates immunization compliance according to district and state policy
  • Ensures the confidentiality of student health information
  • Works in multi-disciplinary to teams to ensure students are accessing their education 

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