2012 Mill Levy Override

2012 SVVSD Mill Levy Override Issue Details

Staffing Stability

4,350,000teacher/staff compensation
4,200,000Maintain class sizes
8,550,000Total dedicated to Staffing Stability

Preschool Expansion and Support

1,000,000Preschool Expansion and support


2,200,000Provide current technology to students and staff
150,000copier and printer service contract
200,000smart classrooms, mounted projectors
200,000wireless network replacement
300,000Digital phone and voicemail system refresh/maintenance
280,000Instructional technologists (3.0 FTE) for direct teacher resource
320,0005 additional computer technicians to service schools
3,650,000Technology total

Charter Proposed Allocation

1,600,000Charter proposed allocation of mill levy = 10.8% of total
As of 10/1/2011 Charter population (FTE) is 10.8% of District population
Actual distribution per charter contract. The enrollment numbers used for the charter distribution will be the 2012 final October count.

Total mill levy plan - 14,800,000