SVVSD implements new math curriculum; digits

This fall, the St. Vrain Valley School District is implementing Pearson’s digits math program for grades 6 – 8.

With changing academic standards and new assessment requirements, the district math committee knew it had to choose wisely as it approached adopting a new math program. Digital learning features were an important consideration as the committee looked at the integration of the new district iPad technology.

The digits platform was the top choice for both academic rigor and versatility for teachers and students and was designed to act as a fully digital math program. Last year, one math teacher from each middle school implemented the program finding enthusiastic teachers and engaged students.

For students, digits offers videos, interactive lessons, and homework practice with step-by-step explanations for each concept. Students receive instant feedback on practice problems and are provided individualized homework sets tailored to their performance.

“[The flexibility and customization] lets the students be more independent- really work at their own pace and get what they need to take them from where they’re at and move them to the next level,” said Karen Gardner, 8th grade Math Teacher, Coal Ridge Middle School.

“My students feel that the Homework Help feature has made them feel more confident … It feels less embarrassing to ask for help. They love that they can go back and increase their grade. … They realize now that they are in control of their grade,” said Samantha Fenster, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Timberline PK-8.

The digits program also offers support to parents as they can access the same lesson material as their student and monitor their students’ homework progress through easy to check tabs. These features have increased parent involvement.  These resources have been created by the District to support parents and families.

This new platform will advance how middle school students learn mathematics and provide easily accessible resources and support for teachers, students, and parents.