Message from the Superintendent to SVVSD Parents and Guardians - Updated 4:30PM 09/17/2013


Dear SVVSD Parents and Guardians:

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your tremendous support, consideration and understanding throughout this extremely difficult period of time for our students, families, teachers and staff. Your thoughtful and supportive phone calls and messages have been enormously appreciated.

Our administrators, teachers and support staff are working hard to ensure a smooth and safe transition for students returning to school. Our Operations and Maintenance Department, in particular, has been working tirelessly under challenging conditions to ensure that every school is fully inspected, clean and prepared to welcome your student back to a safe and supportive learning environment.

With the exception of Lyons Elementary and Lyons Middle/Senior High, all SVVSD schools are scheduled to reopen this Thursday, September 19th and follow their normal schedule. Our Lyons K-12 students are scheduled to begin a staggered return to school beginning Monday, September 23rd  (high school), Tuesday, September 24th (middle school) and Wednesday, September 25th  (elementary) at the Main Street School, 820 Main Street in Longmont.

Once students are back, your school principals, teachers and staff will be working hard to identify students who have not returned to school. Having accurate attendance will be enormously helpful to law enforcement professionals and other emergency responders who are working hard to account for everyone throughout our communities.

Additionally, because several roads and access points to schools may be obstructed, damaged and in some cases impassable, the Transportation Department is making necessary adjustments to some bus routes to assist students in arriving to school in a timely manner.

Finally, thank you again for your tremendous support during this difficult time. I feel honored to serve such an amazing community.


Don Haddad, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Twitter: SVVSDsupt

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