Join the Conversation about Technology use at School and Home

Technology is such an integral part of daily operations that is second nature to our students. This generation of students will be the first to never know life before the internet or cell phones. For parents and guardians, navigating these new opportunities can also bring uncertainties of how to have conversations about technology use at school and home.

In St. Vrain we not only provide high-quality education to our students, but we are committed to partnering with families to provide the resources they need to help when students transition to our one-to-one iPad initiative in sixth grade.

This year, the Learning Technology Team is adding a Family Conversations course that talks about technology at home and at school. “Discussions with our community helped us develop a set of resources and conversation starters for families,” said Julie Read, a Learning Technology Support Specialist in St. Vrain. “Our goal is to deepen the relationships between schools and home, and provide families with information and opportunities to learn and grow with their kids.”

“Informed families who are well connected with their schools and the resources available are better prepared to continue to support learning at home,” said Jennifer McCartney, a Learning Technology Support Specialist in St. Vrain. “Student iPads offer both students and families a wealth of opportunities to continue personalized learning beyond the traditional school day.”

Family Conversations: Technology at Home and at School

The course is designed to guide sixth grade families through activities and conversations around school, home, technology and learning. Students are encouraged to attend and each module contains a video introduction, a learning resource, a hands on activity to try as a family and an opportunity to have an open discussion with other parents and experts.

The course is divided into 4 modules. The information presented will be about support structures for success including digital, family tech plan and communication resources between home and school. There will also be discussions about parenting in a digital age with a focus on mentoring our students in developing positive behaviors and habits with technology.

From September 4 - October 8 we will release a new 60-90 minute module for your family to learn and explore every week. Although not required, please sign up by September 2.

Signing up is easy:

  • Have an SVVSD parent Schoology account? Go to and login with your credentials. In the upper left corner under the “Courses” tab, select “join” and enter the course code: JFJBF-M6D56
  • Need a Schoology account? Contact your school for information about how to create an account.

Parents will receive tutorials, tips, activities and expert advice through a partnership with Devorah Heitner, author of ScreenWise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World and all families who attend will receive a copy of her book to participants.