CSU's Little Shop of Physics visits Central Elementary in Longmont

Central Elementary students squealed, chattered and pointed Thursday as they were introduced to Colorado State University's Little Shop of Physics.

The Little Shop of Physics features 100 hands-on science experiments built by CSU undergraduates. The staff takes the exhibit — full of household objects that blink, spin, levitate or roll — to schools all over the world. While they usually stay within an hour's drive of Fort Collins, the Little Shop of Physics visited Italy in 2017 and Namibia in January.

Central Elementary art teacher Jason Gage said that he has been planning the Little Shop of Physics visit to the school for more than a year. He knew about the opportunity because his wife used to work for the program and he hosted it at his previous school, Spangler Elementary.

The experiments were spread across tables in two rooms at Central Elementary. In a dark room, students controlled lights with sensors, peered through special sunglasses and tested different materials in ultraviolet light, among several other experiments.

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