2017 Eclipse Safety and Parent Information

Eclipse Safety Checklist

It’s not the eclipse that is dangerous to observe, it’s the sun! The sun’s visible (and invisible) rays can cause serious damage to the sensitive tissues of the eyes, often without being immediately aware of it. Normally, our common sense protects us from looking directly at the sun for more than a second. But during an eclipse, astronomical enthusiasm can overwhelm common sense, and people can wind up staring at the sun for too long. 

St. Vrain Valley Schools has developed many safety resources for schools and teachers to ensure a safe and enjoyable eclipse viewing experience for our students. Here are the safety procedures that all teachers and staff will be required to follow on August 21:

Teachers review and follow all safety procedures below:

  • In your classroom talk to your students about the Eclipse. If you have the time, use appropriate learning resources to make this an educational opportunity. Explain how rare this event is and stress the importance of wearing the proper safety glasses.
  • Have students view the safety video and practice using safety glasses
  • Before you put the glasses on, make sure that the black plastic within the paper frames is not scratched or broken. Carefully check any glasses that children will be wearing.
  • In your classroom, have students PRACTICE putting their safety glasses on and then looking up indoors prior to going outside. Make sure that the glasses fit behind your ears; try moving your head around to make sure they don’t fall off. Have all of your students try their glasses on and repeat the importance of keeping them on while looking at the eclipse. 
  • After moving outside, stand still and cover your eyes with your eclipse glasses before looking up at the bright sun. After glancing at the sun, turn away and remove your glasses– do not remove it while looking at the sun. Keep students under constant supervision while they are looking at the sun.
  • It is recommended that students limit their viewing of the eclipse to no more than 3 consecutive minutes.
  • Once students have been able to view the eclipse, teachers will take them back inside the school for the remainder of the eclipse window.
  • Continue to remind everyone that it’s never safe to look at the sun without the eclipse glasses or other indirect viewing technique.
  • Work directly with building administration to secure all activity permission forms and identify students who do not have permission to participate in outdoor activitise during the eclipse window.
  • Ensure fun and engaging alternative indoor activites are prepared around the eclipse that align with science standards for students who do not have permission to view the eclipse outdoors.
  • Teachers must continue supervision of students throughout the duration of students being outside of the building.
  • Teachers prepare activities and learning opportunities for those students staying inside. Activities, resources and live stream links can be located at https://blogs.svvsd.org/eclipse/online-viewing-options-activities/
Information on Glasses:
  • Make sure all participants wear the district provided glasses while observing the sun. NO OTHER GLASSES OTHER THAN THE ONES PROVIDED BY THE CURRICULUM DEPARTMENT ARE TO BE USED BY STUDENTS OR STAFF.
  • The American Astronomical Society has a list of Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers of manufacturers and authorized dealers of eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers verified to be compliant with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for such products.
  • We purchased our glasses from American Paper Optics. These glasses are ISO/CE certified. 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your partnership as we continue to advance academic advancement and student engagement across St. Vrain Valley Schools. Opportunities for real-world experiential learning are an important part of a comprehensive and rigorous education. Toward this end, your student’s classroom may be participating in an organized activity at their school to view the highly-anticipated solar eclipse on August 21, the first Monday of the upcoming school year.

On August 21, 2017 at 11:46 a.m., a total eclipse of the sun will be visible across parts of the United States  –  a rare event that has not occurred in the past 99 years. Here in Colorado 93 percent of the sun will be eclipsed. It is anticipated that many teachers will want to take their students outside to experience this special event, hence safety is a prime consideration. For viewing, all students and staff will be required to use special eclipse-viewing safety glasses, provided by the St. Vrain Valley Schools’ Science Department. If eclipse viewing glasses and other safety procedures are properly followed, viewing an eclipse can be a safe and rewarding learning experience.

Students must have permission to view the eclipse outdoors. You can provide permission one of two ways:

  1. Sign your permission form online by logging into Infinite Campus.

  2. Download the attached form, sign and return to your student’s school before Monday, August 21.

We look forward to the start of another exciting year of student growth and academic advancement. If you have any questions, please contact your school’s front office. To learn more about the 2017 eclipse and safety resources, please visit http://blogs.svvsd.org/eclipse.


Kahle Charles
Executive Director of Curriculum
St. Vrain Valley Schools

Estimado (s) padre (s) y / o tutor (es):

Gracias por su asociación mientras seguimos avanzando en el progreso académico y el compromiso estudiantil en las escuelas de St. Vrain Valley. Las oportunidades para el aprendizaje experiencial del mundo real son una parte importante de una educación comprensiva y rigurosa. Con este fin, el salón de clases de su estudiante puede estar participando en una actividad organizada en su escuela para ver el muy esperado eclipse solar el 21 de agosto, el primer lunes del próximo año escolar.

El 21 de agosto de 2017 a las 11:46 am, un eclipse total del sol será visible a través de partes de los Estados Unidos - un evento raro que no ha ocurrido en los últimos 99 años. Aquí en Colorado el 93 por ciento del sol será eclipsado. Se prevé que muchos maestros querrán llevar a sus estudiantes al exterior para experimentar este evento especial, por lo tanto la seguridad es una consideración primordial. Nunca es seguro mirar directamente al sol, pero puede ser particularmente peligroso durante un eclipse. Para ver, todos los estudiantes y el personal deberán usar gafas especiales de seguridad para eclipses, proporcionadas por el Departamento de Ciencias de St. Vrain Valley Schools. Si las gafas de eclipse y otros procedimientos de seguridad se siguen correctamente, ver un eclipse puede ser una experiencia de aprendizaje segura y gratificante.

Los estudiantes deben tener permiso para ver el eclipse al aire libre. Puede proporcionar permiso de una de dos maneras:

  1. Firme su formulario de permiso en línea ingresando a Infinite Campus.

  2. Descargue el formulario adjunto, firme y regrese a la escuela de su estudiante antes del lunes 21 de agosto.

Esperamos con interés el comienzo de otro año emocionante de crecimiento estudiantil y avance académico. Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con la oficina principal de su escuela. Para obtener más información sobre el eclipse 2017 y los recursos de seguridad, visite http://blogs.svvsd.org/eclipse.


Kahle Charles
Director Ejecutivo de Currículo
St. Vrain Valley Schools