RANDA Teacher Evaluation System

Why the change to RANDA?

Beginning the school year 2015-16, St. Vrain Valley Schools will begin using a different teacher evaluation management system. We are excited about this change and feel it is a positive improvement.

RANDA will be our new system to manage teacher and principal evaluations, and we will discontinue using BloomBoard. RANDA is the performance management system selected and supported by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).

Last year, SVVS decided to continue with BloomBoard for 2014-15, because RANDA was in development. The intention was to revisit a change to RANDA this year. Feedback gathered in January and February from evaluators and teacher leaders indicated strong support to make a change to RANDA. RANDA is free to districts using the State Model Evaluation System. To read more about RANDA and the CDE selection process for choosing RANDA, click here: http://www.cde.state.co.us/educatoreffectiveness/copms.

RANDA Advantages

  • Districts larger than St. Vrain have provided positive references for RANDA and report minimal implementation glitches for teachers and administrators.
  • MSL percentages are managed centrally, reducing errors and the need for repeated corrections by users. Teachers and principals will continue to work together to determine which assessment data will be used for MSLs.
  • The entire evaluation system is managed in one place, including self-assessment, professional goals, MSLs, Mid-Year review, and end of year ratings.
  • The RANDA dashboard is easy to navigate with minimal training.


BloomBoard Data

BloomBoard user accounts will remain “active” through July 15, 2015. Anyone with a current active account in BloomBoard will be able to access and view their account until July 15, 2015. After July 15, 2015, users who want to access their account in BloomBoard will need to contact them at support@bloomboard.com. Human Resources will also maintain an active account for “read-only” access to BloomBoard.

All final evaluations will continue to be printed, signed, and placed in personnel files housed in Human Resources. Final evaluations include the final rubric and ratings pages from BloomBoard, and an additional Summative page for signatures that is not housed in BloomBoard. Users are encouraged to download and save documents from BloomBoard that may not be included in the final evaluations: self-assessments, observations, etc., by July 15, 2015.