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Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) was formed with a vision of creating an avenue for students to interact and work in partnership with the St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education.

The SAC fosters the leadership process by strengthening the student voice at the high school level. With eight high schools represented: Erie, Frederick, Longmont, Lyons, Mead, Niwot, Silver Creek, Skyline, plus Olde Columbine High School and the St. Vrain Online Global Academy, the SAC typically meets six times per year with the Board of Education with at least one Assistant Superintendent and two board members in attendance.

Students are appointed to the SAC by their respective principals and vice principals based on their leadership skills, academic performance and community involvement. Each high school has 3-4 representatives from their junior and senior classes.

SAC is proud to work closely with the St. Vrain Valley Schools student body comprised of approximately 33,000 students to strengthen the student voice in decision-making and problem-solving processes.

The support of the district’s Board of Education, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and Assistant Superintendents has made this process a comprehensive part of the St. Vrain Valley Schools culture. The combination of administrators and students collaborating together to achieve academic excellence is helping to provide the highest quality of governance and success in our schools.

For more information concerning the School Advisory Committee (SAC), contact Diane Hargash at 303.702.7508.