Homebound Instruction

Johnny Terrell
Executive Director of Student Services
303-772-7700 x57859

Parent Department


Homebound instruction offers temporary educational services for a student who is unable to physically attend school. Homebound instruction is intended to provide short-term tutoring and should not replace or duplicate school-based instruction. Therefore, the school team prioritizes and limits the subject areas to be taught by the homebound teacher.

Homebound instruction can occur in an alternative location (i.e. community library) or the home if another responsible adult is present (i.e. parent, guardian, sibling over 18, etc.). Students who are enrolled in the district in general education, special education, or with a 504 plan may qualify for homebound instruction. For students with significant illness or medical issues, homebound instruction will be processed with a start date when the homebound application is completed (both pages and the medical section completed) and received by the Student Services Department.

In addition to illness, students with an IEP may require alternative services for issues related to behavior or safety. In these cases, the Student Services Area Coordinator will need to be contacted before decisions are finalized.

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