Gifted & Talented


Jennifer Mayer

Gifted & Talented Coordinator



Parent Department


The Gifted Education Department supports the identification of and programming for gifted children K-12. This department works with staff, parents, and the community in the area of gifted education. Our mission is to ensure gifted students’ learning and growth through educational provisions and advocacy.

The Gifted Education Department is responsible for the following:

  • Develop and support implementation of the District’s Program Plan for Gifted Education in the SVVSD
  • Provide training and support to staff that instruct gifted students
  • Offer opportunities for parents to partner with the SVVSD to improve programming and opportunities available to gifted students
  • Offer enrichment opportunities for advanced students in the SVVSD
  • Train and support staff to assure compliance with state law in regards to gifted education
  • Support buildings in identification, programming, and Advanced Learning Plan development through training and coaching
  • Manage and account for the Gifted Education grant funds received annually to fund gifted programming and services
  • Communicate with and report to the Colorado Department of Education on programming, services, and professional development related to gifted education.