Unframed Student Art Show

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Art Show

Painted Canvas

2023 Art Show Award Winners

Wordless Message

Jacqueline Anaya

Needle Felting

Delaney Haan

Self portrait

Joselyn Gutierrez Castaneda


Lilly Spinner

Gnome Family Terrarium

Karis Stone


Sonia Menjivar-Interiano


Braeden Trujillo

No title

Annalise O’Neill

Fish Habitat

Stacy Patton

One Line Abstract

Isabella Arzola

Potted plant

Irena Podger

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Oswin Foster

Cheddar Chad's Pizza Pals Palace

Elin White

Froggie Sleeping in a Terrarium

Emmi Mraz

Snail on the flower

Kaelyn Gutierrez

Galaxy Pumpkins

Robyn Stromberg

The Working Class

Rebekah Vaisman-Spear

African Elephant

Adler Jacobs

Aspen Tree Landscape

Aleahna Meza Chavez

Howling at the moon

Dana Marquez Chaparra

Radial name design

Sava Dunn


Kristen Rasmussen

One Line Abstract

Anuhea Purcell

Reflective marbles

Ani Mitchell

Dictionary Animals

Audrey Voss

Zy LaPenna & Guy Lowery


David-Luke Wittler

St. Vrain Valley Schools