Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
Independent Study

Isabella Aragon

Double Exposure

Annabel Green

Op Art Drawing

Brennar Stapp


Sebastian Moy

Shiny, Happy Objects

Jackson Sievers

Giselle Vargas De Santiago

Coral Skies

Grace Henrie

Outside the Circle

Makayla Rosan

Brothers From Another Mother

Kayla Raleigh

Masterpiece Remake - Girl with a Pearl Earring

Nova Simich

Piece of Cake

Molly Buckner

Kandinsky Inspired Abstract

James Krause

The Great Dolphin Wave

Ava Courtney

Christian Rodriguez


Michelle Tan

Arts-Based-Inquiry 2

Samantha Scarberry

Objects in Detail

Tatum Sauer

Contour Drawing

Adlai Sotelo

Gestalt Spirit Animal

Damian Sullivan


Ramon Chavarria

Inspired by O'Keeffe Abstractions

Harlan Riley

Album Cover Art

Emilee Mortensen

Untitled 2

Ally Chen

Marcelina Prather-Ortiz

Jessica Ayala- Magana

Found Art Vehicle

Sebastian Weiss-Jones