Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
Portrait collage

Lauren Wiebusch

Self Portrait

Cade Casey

Tiger Ecosystem Monoprint

Luca Parker

Paint Pen Perspective

Jaqueline Lara Mosqueda

Surreal Landscape

Drake Davis

Lego Self Portrait

Emilia Portillo

Goddess Nyx

Alexis Bartels

Dancing Avery

Reese Turnacliff

I am just what the world needs

Blue Mountain 4th Grade

Crops Watered

Marsh Rooney

Preschool and Kindergarten Self Portraits

Preschool and Kindergarten

Red Fox

Jack Crawford

Baby Yoda

Hayden Gawart

Anthony Lara

Anthony Lara

Emmy’s Diner

Emmy Pridgen

Ceramic Mug

Vivian Sebring

Hoover Dam

Cody Saunders

Self Portrait

Piper Tocco

Winter night

Maddy Downing

Pearl Harbor, Topography Mapping

Jere Cronin