Longmont Estates Elementary School Offers a Nurturing Beginning for Preschoolers

Longmont Estates Elementary preschool student painting in class

Longmont Estates Elementary School is where young learners embark on their educational journey. The preschool program, consisting of two classrooms led by Christy Dreiman and Alexis Vorhaus, creates an environment that fosters both academic readiness and social-emotional growth.

Christy Dreiman earned her Master of Arts in Early Childhood Special Education and is passionate about working with children with disabilities. She believes in a play-based approach that promotes the social, emotional, and academic development of all children. “I love preschool because it allows children to develop their skills through play for as long as they can,” expressed Dreiman.

Alexis Vorhaus also earned her Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education and has a decade of preschool teaching experience, seven of which she has dedicated to Longmont Estates Elementary. Vorhaus is a strong advocate for hands-on learning. “Early childhood education is the foundation for future success, both in the classroom and as they move through the world,” explained Vorhaus. “It’s important to integrate studies where children dive deep into areas of interest, fostering lifelong learning through creativity and critical thinking.”

The preschool program at Longmont Estates provides access to a wide range of developmental learning opportunities, including STEM, library time, and a preschool movement lab. “These activities help children grow in various capacities, catering to all abilities and needs,” said Dreiman.

The program tailors each unit to fit the interests of the classrooms while adhering to the Creative Curriculum studies. “We fine-tune units to fit the areas of interest in each of our classrooms, allowing every child to remain engaged and enthusiastic about learning,” said Vorhaus. “This approach ensures that learning is both fun and meaningful, laying a strong foundation for future academic pursuits.” Through the play-based approach, students explore academic concepts such as numeracy, literacy, and STEM while simultaneously developing their social skills.

Additionally, Longmont Estates prioritizes kindergarten readiness by providing foundational experiences that nurture children’s natural love for learning and curiosity. Through play-based and child-centered activities, students engage in conversations and storytelling, play rhyming games, and sing songs. Students also participate in activities such as building with blocks, Magnatiles, and Legos and learn how to solve problems collaboratively with their peers and teachers. “We provide ample time for children to tinker with objects and practice with scissors and glue to develop fine motor skills,” explained Dreiman.

Integral to the success of the Longmont Estates preschool program is the strong partnership between the school and families. “We believe that parents are essential partners in their child’s educational journey,” stated Vorhaus. “Maintaining open communication and collaboration between our team and families is important for a child’s success, creating a welcoming and supportive environment.”

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