St. Vrain Valley Schools Part of Colorado’s Quantum Tech Hub in Federal Grant Initiative

St. Vrain Valley Schools is part of Colorado’s Quantum Tech Hub, a federal grant initiative, and one of the 31 designated Tech Hubs nationally by the United States government. Colorado’s Quantum Tech Hub includes 72 organizations, spanning industry groups, higher education institutions, state and local governments, federal labs, and K-12 public education institutions. The primary aim of the Tech Hub program is to drive quantum-related technological innovation, job creation, and enhancement of economic and strategic security within the United States. Designation as a tech hub unlocks millions in potential federal investments, including new educational resources for St. Vrain Valley Schools students.

Elevate Quantum, Inc. (EQ) is the non-profit entity and lead applicant for Colorado’s Tech Hub. St. Vrain Valley Schools’ involvement encompasses integrating quantum computing into the existing STEM curriculum, supporting strategic planning with Elevate Quantum Labs, and developing quantum learning materials for students in grades 6-12, which will be made available nationwide. Moreover, the district’s Innovation Center will host an annual Elevate Quantum meeting, fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

Geographically, Colorado’s Quantum Tech Hub includes entities based in Aurora, Boulder, Denver, Grand County, Greely, and Lakewood.

“St. Vrain Valley Schools’ role in this initiative demonstrates the district’s commitment to providing advanced educational opportunities and preparing students for the future, particularly in emerging fields like quantum information technology,” said Joe McBreen, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation for St. Vrain Valley Schools. “This positions students to be at the forefront of an evolving landscape, shaping the industries of tomorrow.”

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