Empowering Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders: Skyline FalconTECH Students Thrive with New Internship Opportunities

P-TECH students smiling with DTS team during summer internship.

The 2023-2024 school year marks a new milestone for Skyline High School’s FalconTECH as they have welcomed three new industry partners: Advanced Network Management (ANM), CGI Inc., and St. Vrain Valley Schools’ Technology Services (DTS) department. Together, they have enlisted over 30 new mentors for FalconTECH, bringing fresh enthusiasm to the program.

This summer, eight FalconTECH students secured internships with St. Vrain’s Technology department. These hands-on experiences allowed students to apply classroom knowledge to practical projects, with professionals providing mentorship in networking, data management, cybersecurity, and programming. This mentorship not only provided technical skills but gave students a clear understanding of the complexity within the IT and programming industries. 

FalconTECH Administrator, Jennifer Piggott, highlights the wealth of expertise these partners bring. “ANM and CGI’s collaboration with DTS in critical areas like networking, data management, and cyber security complements IBM’s global perspective. This ensures our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the dynamic tech landscape.” In addition, IBM continues their dedication and commitment to students by mentorship, internship, and job opportunities – providing students invaluable insights to the professional world.

Three P-TECH students outside.

Strong partnerships play a crucial role in enhancing opportunities for FalconTECH students, aligning perfectly with the aspirations of those who wish to work and thrive right here in Longmont and its neighboring areas. FalconTECH’s commitment to fostering local connections goes beyond the classroom, extending into the heart of their community. “These local connections not only benefit our students but also strengthen the bond within their community. It’s inspiring to witness our students’ dedication to giving back to their hometown, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between education and local businesses,” stated Piggott. 

Industry partners ANM and CGI bring specialized expertise in networking, data management, cybersecurity, and tailored programming. This expertise aligns with FalconTECH’s curriculum, developed through a strategic partnership with Front Range Community College, ensuring students receive a comprehensive education. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of courses, including Computer Information Systems, Programming, and Web Development, all of which directly correspond to the core competencies of these industry partners. This combination between industry expertise and educational offerings equips FalconTECH students with the knowledge and skills necessary for future success in their chosen fields.

Looking ahead, FalconTECH remains committed to its mission of collaboration and knowledge exchange. “Our goal is to expand our network of industry partners, providing even more opportunities for our students,” stated Piggott. “The journey of success for FalconTECH continues, driven by a shared commitment to excellence in education and the ever-evolving world of technology.”

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