Graduation Rates Continue to Climb in St. Vrain

In St. Vrain, driving student excellence and providing opportunities for engagement and rigorous learning is having a large impact on advancing student achievement. St. Vrain’s graduation rates have reached their highest level – with over 90 percent of students in traditional high school programs graduating within four years. Overall graduation rates climbed 3 percent for the 2017-2018 school year, six percent higher than the state average.  When students are giving additional time to complete their credits, the graduation rate climbs even higher.

St. Vrain Valley beat state graduation rates despite having some of the most rigorous graduation requirements in Colorado. To earn a St. Vrain diploma, students need to complete, 24.5 credits, including three years of math, three years of science and four years of English.

The increase in graduation rates can be attributed to the many supports, resources, and opportunities given to students starting as early as preschool. Rigorous coursework, design thinking curriculum, AP and concurrent enrollment opportunities, increased attendance rates, technology integration, arts and music classes, athletics, co-curricular engagement, focus academies, and so many more programs are all advancing student achievement and success.

St. Vrain Valley Schools