Register Now for Your AP Exams

Dear Parents and Guardians of AP students, Thank you for registering for Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and giving your student a head start on postsecondary readiness and career preparation. Last year, St. Vrain students took 4,106 Advanced Placement exams, potentially saving families up to $4,000,000 in future college tuition costs. The AP exam payment window
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Secondary English Language Arts Curriculum Adoption Public Review

Secondary English Language Arts Curriculum Adoption Public Review The secondary language arts design and pilot teams have completed the composition and successive review of the new proposed secondary language arts curricular resources. The resources will be available for online review and introduction Wednesday, March 17 from 12 – 1 p.m. and 8 – 9 p.m.
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AP Exam Registration

The AP® Program is continuously introducing new resources and processes designed to help students earn college credit and placement. This year, we’re most excited about their Daily Videos and enhanced progress monitoring tools available in AP Classroom. Here are other important items you and your student need to know for AP 20-21:  Students will register
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Project Launch Algebra Summer Program

Summer programming is a great way for students at all levels and abilities to gain new skills, master challenging content, and get a head start on the year ahead. This summer, with the support of 22 teachers, 174 incoming ninth grade students had the opportunity to be part of the district’s inaugural Algebra 1 Focus
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Summer Curriculum and Activities

The St. Vrain Curriculum Department has compiled a number of online resources for students to continue engaging in learning activities over the summer. Elementary School Resources MathA menu of resources for grade level mathematics content review & reinforcement, games, puzzles, and non-routine tasks. The interactive games and puzzles promote mathematical thinking in unique and engaging
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AP for all

Advanced Placement® (AP) classes provide outstanding opportunities for students to engage in rigorous, college-level coursework preparing them for postsecondary education, while simultaneously earning college credit when they score a 3 or higher on an AP exam. AP coursework enables students to save on tuition and graduate college in less than four years.
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Launching into the future

Project Launch is just one of many strategies across St. Vrain to raise student literacy achievement and provide a stronger academic foundation in the early grades. Results from the program indicate that the intervention had a significant, positive impact on student reading skills, reflecting the power of bringing together best practices and research-based approaches to improving student learning and achievement.

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Graduation Rates Continue to Climb in St. Vrain

In St. Vrain, driving student excellence and providing opportunities for engagement and rigorous learning is having a large impact on advancing student achievement. St. Vrain’s graduation rates have reached their highest level – with over 90 percent of students in traditional high school programs graduating within four years. Overall graduation rates climbed 3 percent for
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The SAT Challenge

Studying for the math portion of the SAT has never been easier thanks to Beyoncé and a group of Frederick High School students. Frederick High Senior Josephine Murphy and her classmates created a video to help students across St. Vrain Valley Schools solve upper algebra equations to the tune of Beyoncé’s “All the Single Ladies.”
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SAT Prep Steps: How much should I practice for the SAT?

Practice Makes Progress Just this week, a student saw this graphic and said, “Are you serious? If I want to go up 100 points, I have to practice for 20 hours?!” And yes, at first that numbers seems jarring, considering how much students have going on these days. But when I pointed out that we
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