Student Services

The Student Services Department exists to provide support to ALL students who need additional assistance. The Department’s goal is to remove barriers that impede students and families from being successful. We strive to promote high standards of learning and student well-being (in the arenas of academic interventions, health, wellness, and social-emotional learning) in partnership with parents, guardians and the community in the St. Vrain Valley School District.
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Dyslexia Task Force

OVERVIEW The goal of St. Vrain Valley Schools’ Dyslexia Task Force is to provide high quality support to students with dyslexic characteristics. The model of support includes using current research, evidence-based interventions and early identification screeners to support students identified as dyslexic, or who have characteristics of dyslexia. Dyslexia is recognized as a “specific learning
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High School Athletics

High School Athletics St. Vrain offers a robust portfolio of athletics, arts, and other activities to engage students beyond the school day. To learn more about your school’s specific offerings, visit your school counseling office. Additionally, students can access high school athletic schedules, along with game live streaming options through their high school athletic websites.
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Safety & Security

Safety & Security The Office of Safety and Security is responsible for ensuring the safety of all students, staff, and visitors to any St. Vrain Valley School. Our mission is to enhance the educational environment, ensuring each and every student has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential for academic achievement and success.
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Digital Library (Sora)

St Vrain’s digital library is a curated collection of thousands of ebooks, audio books, and professional development books available for all students and staff. Click to browse thousands of books for pleasure reading, assigned reading, or professional development. Click to open a Sora Work Order if you run into issues with logging in, downloading books,
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St. Vrain students continue to connect to their community through afterschool programming

Though their learning is taking place online, students across St. Vrain Valley Schools continue to connect with peers for extracurricular enrichment activities. Clubs allow students to socialize outside of academics and maintain connections to their school community during this period of blended learning. Mead Middle’s school focus is Extracurricular Engagement and Learning (EXCEL) with a
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Media Services Collection

The Media Services Collection is a district wide lending library available to all teachers and staff to supplement curriculum and lesson plans. The materials that you order will be delivered directly to your school.Materials in our Collection include class booksets, audio books, social studies kits, science models, makerspace kits, and more! Reserve your materials today.
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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services The St. Vrain Valley School District’s Department of Nutrition Services provides quality, nutritious and well balanced meals to the District’s students. The Department strives to provide meals at a reasonable price and to make sure that all meals meet the National School Breakfast and Lunch nutritional guidelines providing a ¼ of the RDA
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Open Enrollment for 2021-2022

St. Vrain is proud to offer a wide-range of rigorous academic focus programs that give your student a choice in selecting a school that best aligns with their interests. In order to choose a school that best fits your educational goals, St. Vrain offers an Open Enrollment window. This is an opportunity to request that your student attend a school of choice, which is outside of their attendance area.
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Learning Technology Program

Program Overview In 2012, voters across our district approved a mill levy override that, among other improvements, greatly strengthens our District’s capacity to equip students with 21st century technology tools to give our students a critical advantage. In order to ensure that this investment aligns with instructional priorities and school needs, the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee was
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